Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Best Medicine

Daylight savings time, Tom training for Boston, fund raising, our daughter coming home, reconnecting with my son and meeting his girlfriend and a funeral for my nephew - what a week. When I went to pick up our race numbers yesterday we got lost twice. My nephew sent us an angel in the body of a nun who helped us finally get to our destination. When we arrived, I met a former VA colleague of mine who is now a member of the Central Mass Striders running club. Small world and he gave me easier directions to find our way back home than the circuitous route we took to get there. I could have driven to NYC and back for the time we spent in the car yesterday.

So when the alarm went off this morning at 7:30, not particularly early but with daylight savings time it felt early, my body did not want to move. The exhaustion was the accumulation of so much stress since last Saturday. But the sun was shining and I knew that I was going to be in the presence of so many wonderful friends that I slowly stretched, did my cervical spine exercises and prepared to run the inaugural Celtic 5K in Worcester.

The weather quickly changed as we drove out Route 9 to the race. It had been rather warm and sunny (fortunately I grabbed a jacket before we left) but by the time we arrived in Worcester it had turned rainy, cloudy and cold. I had on my sunglasses and hadn't bothered to bring a change of glasses. I did not have hat and gloves. Fortunately I was planning to return Doug's hat which I had since we ran the Operation Jack virtual 6.2 run in December so it kept me reasonably warm.

As soon as we saw our Daily Mile #NERTS friends Doug, Melody, and Sandy I felt myself warming up. Despite feeling like I just wanted to crawl into bed (a feeling I've had a lot this past week), the desire to be out on the road was much stronger. I knew that the crummy feelings would past and the best medicine for feeling lousy is a run with friends.

I got to meet Heather and Hollis twitter and Daily Mile friends and we all focused on keeping warm and the joy of being together. I felt the love and support embrace me. Although this was not going to be my PR day, I cheered and wooted for Doug who was going for his PR. The clouds began to break at the starting line and the sun shone through as we were halfway through the race.

I helped Izzy run her first race bandit. She is a fast runner and we had a wonderful sense of play out on the road as she would sprint out ahead of me and turn around to make sure I was close by. Many people lined the race course route as they waited for the St. Patrick's Day parade which was to follow. Lex, her friend Stephanie and I shared our stories. I felt the energy of three women who had overcome major life challenges to experience the joy of this moment. Stephanie, Lex and I achieved a PR that was not on the time clock this day but one that takes much grit and determination as Doug's PR. I feel that we captured the stroller division! At the finish line we took photos and felt the love of a day that despite the weather is a harbinger of Spring for all of us. The best medicine for whatever ails you is a good run with great friends!

In an email from Rev. Betty who was the officiating minister at my nephew's service, she told me to be gentle with myself and to allow the feelings to flow. We went to Castle Island after the run and I watched the ebb and flow of the water, I let the tears flow. I heard the call of the seagulls. We found three heart shaped stones on the beach. We knew that Charlie was resting in peace. Our hearts are healing with the love and support of so many wonderful people and of course our steadfast faith in the Divine.

God bless, be well and live like you were dying
From my heart to yours with gratitude and love,

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We love you Mary!