Friday, April 22, 2011

My Tree

I watch the seasons change through my office window. One might describe the tree right outside my office window as fragile. Its branches almost look like twigs. There are some sturdier branches near the 'trunk' but there is no strong, sturdy round trunk to this tree. It's more like a collection of branches with a center stalk. Just beyond it, in the 'little field' are huge strong sturdy trees with some widow's branches but they appear so much stronger than this little tree outside my window.

I have watched this tree survive feet and feet of snow this winter and in winters past. It was buried and I thought there is no way that tree will survive this winter. But it has and now the tiny green buds begin to sprout out of its fragile fingers. While huge branches fell off of trees more formidable than my little tree, my tree, because it is so flexible, bent underneath the weight of all the storms. Here it is, ready to bloom; ready to embrace and celebrate the warm sun and arise from winter slumber. I watch my tree embrace the robin as it lands on its branches. How does it not break under the weight of the robin? My tree possesses such grace and beauty.

It seems as though it is taking forever for the leaves to burst forth. It seems as though Spring is coming so slowly this year. There have been a lot of grey, cloudy April days but that doesn't stop the growth. It is invisible to my naked eye but I can see the progress. I am relishing the anticipation and the slow and steady pace of the transition from winter to Spring and then to summer. I practice patience. I practice yoga.

No matter the weather, my tree does what it needs to do from within to thrive. My tree is a reflection of my journey. I've been buried under mounds and mounds of snowstorms in my life. There were times when I felt as though I could not possibly withstand another 'hit' but that instinct to be strong and to thrive is more powerful than any force that comes from without. Appearances are deceiving. While my tree looks fragile, it possesses a strength from within. Long roots reach deep inside the earth. It has a will to thrive - if a tree can have a will. To look at me - tremors, an awkward way of moving as I make changes in my patterns of movement, grey hair you would never guess the power house of strength, courage and grace that lies beneath. It's no accident that this tree is the tree that happens to be outside my office window. My tree and I journey on welcoming a new season of life.

God bless, be well and live like you were dyin'
From my heart to yours with love and gratitude,

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