Thursday, May 29, 2014

#tbt The Corrib Pub Run

June 1, 2008 The Corrib Pub Run

1691 51:52 16:44 84 50-59 853 M 281 Tom McManus Sr Chestnut Hill,MA
1692 51:52 16:44 41 50-59 824 F 282 Mary McManus Chestnut Hill,MA

As we ran through the streets of West Roxbury, my wonderful life and running partner Tom shouted - first road race ever. She's a polio survivor! People cheered and I ran through the hoses that people sprayed the runners with, with a sense of play and freedom although each step was a challenge for me especially with the last long hill. I hadn't run for 40 continuous minutes yet in my training program. I had only been running outside since late April. But it didn't matter. I was on the road to the Boston Marathon and this was my first time being cheered rather than jeered as I ran.

June 7, 2009 -- coming off a year of intense training and before I hit the wall in the fall of 2009 after running Boston
1941 45:38 14:43 47 50-59 929 F 777 Mary McManus Chestnut Hill,MA
1943 45:47 14:46 106 50-59 997 M 778 Tom McManus Chestnut Hill,MA

We didn't run the 2010 Corrib Pub Run because Tom was driving our daughter to Middle Tennessee State University.

June 5, 2011 what a surprise to see Mac, the President of L Street Running Club at the two mile marker as I share in this race report "Hey Hey Look Who's Running"

1818 46:12 14:54 50 50-59 907 F 566 Mary McManus Chestnut Hill,MA
1819 46:14 14:55 93 50-59 902 M 567 Tom McManus Chestnut Hill,MA

Sunday June 1, 2014

It's been three years since I ran the Corrib Pub 5K. I wasn't sure if I'd ever run it again based on the way I had been feeling since my nephew's suicide in March of 2011.

But here I am poised and ready for when the gun goes off for the running of the 21st Annual Corrib Pub 5K writing a new chapter for my race and in my life. This will be my first race in my new age group.

I have no idea what my time will be. I do know that given my journey and struggles of the past 3 years, it will be a personal best. I set my intention to run with ease, with grace and with joy. My friends the Feeney Sisters are running the race as well.

I've been training well, mind, body and Spirit.

It's fun to take a look back and throw it back to 2008, but I am so delighted to be here now ready to run on Sunday.

Be. Here. Now.

Be here now and celebrate
no longer the victim
a survivor and thriver
filled with beauty
a life once torn and shattered
now a beautiful tapestry
woven together
no more rough edges
open heart
a voice that sings with strains of poetry
life no longer a strain or struggle
a new refrain
as energy flows
the river of life marks a new path
yet all is fleeting
not meant to be captured
but experienced
shared in awe
wonder and mystery
comfort in this gift of presence
trusting all is well.

My memoir, "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility" is now available on Amazon.

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