Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Beth Jordan

Beth Jordan has been in my heart for the last few years. She introduced me to the work of Bernie Siegel, MD who has been a major source of support, inspiration and healing during these past six years.
During my hospitalization she brought me a cassette tape - yes a cassette tape of Bernie Siegel

for a tape player.

She brought me trail mix. She told me my life needed healing. She worked with my team to do home IV infusions so I could get out of the hospital on longer passes. I was hospitalized for over 6 weeks. We stayed in touch with each other for many years after my hospitalization. She lived on a pond where water lilies floated serenely on the surface of the pond where we went canoeing together.

I lost touch with her but was never out of touch with her in my heart. I wasn't sure if she was still an earth angel or had made her transition to the next phase of her journey. I googled her a few times during this past year but came up with nothing.

And then - last week, I gave it one more try. I was so excited when her name, address and phone number popped up in my search. I called her and left a voice mail message. She returned my phone call and it was as if no time had passed.

She can't be found on google because she has no computer. She has no mobile phone. She is 82 years old and still lives in the same home where we visited her over 20 years ago. She has no TV. Her son bought her a cordless phone but she prefers the rotary phone her dad used.

Two of her children are both "healers" as she calls them - physicians in Hawaii and Seattle. One of her grandson's is a poet and for Christmas they sent each other a book of Mary Oliver's poetry. One of her sons lives nearby. She belongs to two meditation groups and lives a life of contentment, contemplation and peace as a self proclaimed minimalist vegetarian. She was overjoyed to hear of my healing journey and was humbled by my gratitude letting me know that it was not her that helped to heal me, but God working through her.

I told her that I would send her a copy of my most recent poetry book and asked if she would like Tom and I to visit her. She said she would be delighted or she could meet us somewhere....

As I walk into the chapel at Boston Childrens Hospital this morning, I will feel Beth's presence. I am so delighted I have reconnected with her. I carry her with me in my heart as I bring the healing and comfort she brought to me to others feeling her Divine energy - the Divine energy that we each have inside of us - course through me.

Our Greatest Teacher - from Seasons of the Soul

It's easy to attach to pain
the angst, the anger, the suffering
squeezing Spirit into smaller and smaller spaces
losing sight of light
embodying the pain
nerves frayed
teeth on edge chattering with fear
descending deeper and deeper into the abyss
Spirit searching seeking
a moth to a flame
a healer appears seemingly out of thin air
a spark of love to illuminate
to heal
but first to learn

Pain – our greatest teacher...

Accepting the sorrow
releasing the shame
courage and strength to unflinchingly face death
emerging from the shadows
allow the pain to be
This too shall pass washing through with each breath....

With each blow the heart breaks open like a pinata
the soul's treasures found
naked and vulnerable fully clothed in Divine Love
appreciation and a grateful heart
sweet rewards in this delicious delightful life
peace joy and freedom
when the test is finally past.

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