Monday, June 8, 2009

Corrib Pub Run 5K - One Year Later - Still Running Outside of the Comfort Zone

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I ran the Corrib Pub Run 5K. It was 81 degrees with the noon sun smiling on over 2000 runners. All proceeds go to benefit Boston neighborhoods. The mood was festive and I felt a sense of triumph returning to the first road race I had ever run. My daughter decided she was gonna take off and run her own race - how apropros for our almost 22 year old daughter who is finding her way in the world. My husband said he would stay with me but he wanted me to push myself out of my comfort zone. I noticed a dramatic shift in the way I was feeling - I felt so grateful to him for running a little ahead and encouraging me forward; I did, however, monitor my heart rate and used that as a guide for moderating my tempo. Our first mile was a little over 12 minutes and we finished in 45:48. That is 7 minutes off of our pace last year and a personal best.

Stepping out of my comfort zone in life means that I release beliefs which are no longer true in my life. By clinging to old beliefs and continuing behavior and thought patterns based on those beliefs, I am fueling the sense of unworthiness which comes from the voices of parents, peers and sprung up from life experiences. I separate from God and disconnect from the Truth about being God's child. And so, to move outside of this comfort zone of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and the solar plexus clutch as I refer to it, I had a beautiful image while meditating this morning.

I visualized that there was a pile of dirt in my solar plexus. I sifted through the dirt and I began releasing its contents and then I had a brilliant image flash through - I can transform the dirt. It is fertile soil for new growth and so I planted a beautiful garden where once there was only darkness and a feeling of being soiled. My healing tears water this garden. It is a place of beauty and a reflection of God's great healing power to transform.

Back to the Corrib Pub road race - I wasn't the fastest runner by any means and when someone would say, go ahead, you're still in the hunt or commented on us being toward the back of the pack I would put my arms up a la Rocky and pronounce, "I'm a polio survivor and so happy to be out here." Toward the end of the race we met a wonderful woman whose name is April and she said, after hearing my story that she feels so inspired. I have heard from so many people that when they hear my story and what I have overcome that they realize how grateful they feel. They say that I give them perspective on their problems and challenges.

I'm so grateful for the gift of polio, post polio and all of the challenges that have been a part of my life's tapestry. I can be a gift and a blessing to others as they see how I triumphed over incredible challenges and they can be inspired to create the best life they can for themselves. I become a mirror for the best that is inside of them. I am so blessed that through the gift of poetry I bring joy and healing to myself and to others. It is a powerful way to express what is in my heart and it also makes my heart sing. I lose track of time when I write poetry and feel such joy when people tell me how my poetry has affected them. I live my Truth whether I am running a 5K road race or running my life. I celebrate who I am, I embrace the beautiful person I am; I celebrate my gifts. I feel such gratitude for the strength, health, confidence, love and joy that God has given to me. I am so grateful for the gift of Grace showers which helps my garden to grow.

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