Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where Did My Parking Space Mojo Go?

When we attended the Boston Marathon Expo at the Hynes Convention Center, my husband drove around for a half an hour and finally found a space in a parking garage about a half mile away from the Convention Center. So when it came to attending this year's WHDH Health and Fitness Expo (which I have attended in 2008 and 2009), he suggested that he drop me off and pick me up. Being ever so confident in my parking space mojo, being able to manifest a parking space at will, I told him pishaw -- you relax, have your coffee, read your paper and off I went.

All of my usual spaces were taken so I began to ask God for guidance of where to go. With the Health and Fitness Expo. a Red Sox game, Celtics playoff and people moving it seemed that every available parking space in the city was taken. Part of me knew that God had a plan in all of this and I would arrive at the Expo exactly when I was meant to but part of me was getting pretty ticked off. I saw a car leaving and then a car up ahead pulling right in. I tried to fit into one space that was too small only to see a car pull out ahead of me and someone else pull in. I thought maybe the vibration I'm putting out about lack and limitation and my fear of being left out, not getting to some place on time (a leftover from my polio days) was responsible for this. The more I tried to relax and let go, the more frustration I felt until I said, 'Self - let it go -- call your husband and see if you can go home and he'll drive you in.' I called and had to listen to an I told you so and then the song came on the radio, "Keep on Looking". Hmmm okay but where am I gonna look and then the aha moment -- park in a metered space on Beacon Street and walk to the Convention Center.

As I was walking I gave thanks to God that I could walk and had this option. Although it was cloudy, there was no rain and from our training runs I knew I could duck into the Commonwealth Hotel to use the um facilities. I kept telling myself - all is happening exactly as it should and you are not going to miss out on anything. Just relax.

My first stop - to see my friend Matt Lorch, anchor and news reporter for Channel 7. There was a short line (usually the lines are so long to meet the anchors and reporters) and I presented Matt with a copy of my book, "Set Sail for a New World:Healing a Life Through the Gift of Poetry" as an expression of my appreciation for the love and support Channel 7 has given me and my journey. (You can go to my You Tube channel and also see the Health Cast report they did last year). He is a truly genuine, caring individual overflowing with kindness and love. After I gave him the book and went on to meet Christa Decamp (who had done the intro for the Health Cast story), this woman taps me on the shoulder and said, "I have to buy a copy of your book. Matt just told me about your story." And we talked about God in our lives and exchanged information.

Onto seeing Frances Rivera who was doing The Dish - healthy eating. I was directed to sit in the front row and began chatting to the gentleman next to me. Guess what? He is in the process of building a hospital in Africa and is planning to build mobile clinics to help the villagers in the bush. I shared with him my vision for Hope Charitable Trust . He took my card and told me he would send me an email with all of his information. They are also developing a model for health insurance on a sliding fee scale. He is also committed to solar and wind power and sustainability. I enjoyed watching the executive chef for Mass. General Hospital (yes they now use executive chefs in hospitals) prepare an incredible feast before our eyes and gave Frances a hug, letting her know that I gave Matt a copy of my book to share with her! She commented on how wonderful I looked and as she always does, told me to stay well and sweet!

As I was getting ready to leave I saw a line of people and asked what it was for. People were waiting to meet Michael Ventrella and his mother, Maria of The Biggest Loser Season 9. I decided to share how I am always inspired by the running of the marathon which caps off the season and shared my story with them, handing Maria my business card. You never know....

So where did my parking space mojo go? Nowhere -- everything unfolded exactly as it was meant to unfold. Had I found a parking space sooner I would not have met the woman in line, I would not have sat next to the man at The Dish and would not have met Michael and Maria. I have no idea where these connections will lead but I do know it is always better to choose to Trust in the Divine Plan than to collapse into a state of anger and frustration. I also do not know what was happening that I was not supposed to be a part of in my quest for my parking space. There were many reasons for the seeming delay. I happened to witness a few of them which were visible but so much happens beyond what the eye can see.

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Blessings to you all and thanks for sharing life's journey with me

With love,

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