Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Magic of Fenway Park

My good friend Rick Leskowitz, MD is the producer of The Joy of Sox Movie. Some of the questions posed in the movie are, "Is Fenway Park a sacred space?" "Can the power of intentional prayer affect the outcome of a ball game?" I encourage you to visit his website and learn more not only about The Joy of Sox but the field of energy medicine.If you are so moved, make a donation to support the release of this wonderful documentary. Last night, my husband and I experienced the Joy of the Boston Red Sox. I'd been to games before at Fenway, but last night I opened my heart to experience the magical experience of going to a ball game at Fenway Park.

During the day I felt the presence of my grandfather. He died many years ago along with so many members of my family. As I thought about preparing for tomorrow's Harvard Pilgrim 10K run and fueling with my husband, I remembered how I would get up early in the morning to have special time with Gramps. He would fix scrambled eggs and we'd have fresh baked rolls from a bakery in the Bronx. He'd also cook sausages and be sure to drain them on paper towel before serving them to us. It was just the two of us. My grandmother and brother were still asleep. I do not recall the words that were said; I only know that time with my grandfather was a wonderful respite from the traumatic events of my childhood. He was a source of love and peace in my life. He had such a gentle spirit. What does this have to do with the Red Sox game last night? Why is she digressing like this? Well, I'm not because during the 'commercial breaks' for the television coverage of Red Sox games, there is entertainment on the Jumbotron. Red Sox legends -- Frank Malzone was featured. Are you sitting down while you read this? Well you probably are since you're reading it on your computer screen. Frank Malzone is from the Bronx. He lived across the street from my grandparents' house on Soundview Avenue. My grandfather had gotten us an autographed Red Sox baseball by Frank Malzone. Unfortunately it was lost in the house fire after my grandparents had moved but had not yet physically moved all of their belongings. Part of the tribute included the statement, Frank is from the Bronx, NY. For those of you who do not follow baseball, there is a rivalry between the boys from the Bronx (The New York Yankees) and the boys from Beantown (our beloved Boston Red Sox). They paid tribute to Frank Malzone and at the end of the tribute they showed Frank Malzone at last night's game. He gave a tip of his cap to the fans; I could feel my grandfather giving me a nod letting me know that neither death nor fire can destroy love.

Spirit is so alive at Fenway Park. How else could you have a group of over 37,000 fans create a wave several times around the stadium? How else would everyone start chanting and clapping in perfect rhythm, "Let's go Red Sox"? Everyone stands and sings Sweet Caroline using the same inflection and oh oh oh's. The crowd spontaneously chants "You" when Kevin Youklis comes to the plate. They stand and cheer when Big Papi comes up to bat. As Jonathan Papelbon came in from the bullpen to close out the game, the crowd spontaneously stands on their feet. The power is palpable. There is magic in the air. Of course the fact that they won made the experience so much sweeter. But even if they would have lost, nothing could change the magic of a summer's night at Fenway Park when everyone moves and feels as one, connected to the Divine.

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Celebrate your gift of freedom today and every day.
God bless and be well.
With love,

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