Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sparkling Divas Shine!

Who knew that when I joined the Just Finish community that I would meet Tim "Derv" Doiron and that his wife Deborah would become my running buddy...but that's what happened. When I first went on Twitter in December of 2008, Kevin Green invited me to join his running community on line. His philosophy was calling all walkers, runners, cyclists of all athletic abilities. I found incredible support in this community while I trained for the 2009 Boston Marathon; I also met incredible friends one of whom asked to meet me at the Hyannis 2009 Marathon. We became fast friends.

This year, I was inspired to invite his wife Deborah to run the Tufts 10K with me. It was a bold move for me to invite someone to run with me; it meant releasing the years of rejection and taunting and teasing and embrace the moment -- Carpe diem! Deborah had never run over 4 miles and had never done a 10K road race. It was my turn to inspire and encourage her. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and today we had our 5 mile training run. There was a magical rhythm to our pacing. There was non stop conversation as we bonded during our run and the time literally flew by. We ran our 5 miles in 83 minutes - a 16:60 minute/mile not going for time but making sure that Deborah knew she could go for 5 miles. When we returned home, my husband Tom had a scrumptuous brunch waiting for us (pictured above).

There is so much love surrounding me and I am so grateful and blessed. There was such ease and joy and laughter with Deborah and especially her husband Tim. He is now not happy that my husband set the expectations for what a post run meal is supposed to be. As he said on Facebook, my wife thought that pop tarts and cereal was a great meal before you cooked this omelette. Now I'll have to cook eggs benedict to compete. We are supporting and loving each other which enables us to step out with confidence as we get ready to take the start of the Tufts 10K.

We are not stopping there! My husband has already registered for the Hyannis Half Marathon. The Sparkling Divas are not one hit wonders - oh no -- we are going to run the Hyannis 10K together. Hmmm maybe we should get T shirts made up. There is more joy and laughter and love in my life than I ever dreamed imaginable. I am healthy and whole. Usually during my morning meditation I focus on what is hurting, letting in love and light into the cells to ease the pain and visualizing that I will have enough energy to get through what I need to get through for the day. My morning meditation is focusing on the new sensations in my body - a lightness, a marked lessening of pain and feeling refreshed after a night's sleep. I face the day with a confidence in my body and a new outlook on life. There was a recent article in the NY Times about the benefits of massage. Science is proving what I know to be true.

I am so grateful for the friendship of Deborah and Tim, the unending support of my husband, my faith and belief that I am meant for this.

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Pamela McCurry Robbins said...

Mary....I'm more than just a little jealous.....I want to be a Sparkling Diva too!!