Monday, August 30, 2010

Training for the Tufts 10K - in Falmouth!

The weekend of the Falmouth Road Race, my husband and I 'left' our beach chairs at the Falmouth Inn where we stayed. How could we possibly leave them there, right? So we just had to schedule a day trip to retrieve them. Despite the heavy rains earlier in the week, I just knew we were going to have a spectacular day. Because we had a benefit concert to attend on Sunday, my husband suggested we do our run in Falmouth. Often times, I would be concerned about logistics, fueling, doing a mid day run (although the Tufts 10K starts at 12 noon) but I let go of all of that and knew that this was going to be a remarkable training run for me.

I am so blessed with my husband Tom as a life partner and as a training partner. He is not running the Tufts 10K and will be there to cheer on myself and my friend whom I convinced to run the race with me but he is committed to training right by my side every step of the way. He knew how much I wanted to run the Falmouth Road Race but because of my speed, we knew that this was not going to happen. But that doesn't mean you can't have the joy of running along the course! We were going to run 5 miles - 2 1/2 miles out on the course and 2 1/2 miles back but there are no mile markers for the half miles. I'd just run a 10K in July and we had run 4.5 miles last week with a lot of hills so as we got out on the course starting at the finish line, we decided to do 3 out and 3 back so I could experience the thrill of coming down the hill at Falmouth Heights Beach to the finish line.

Fortunately, I had brought a packet of gel with me and we had filled up our 28 oz. water bottle with ice at the Falmouth Inn. We had a great breakfast at Mary Ellen's Portugese Bakery and it's the first time I had not had my usual oatmeal and toast as pre race fueling. I had two scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast. No trip to Mary Ellen's is complete with a taste of their home made muffins so Tom and I shared a muffin. It was off to the beach to let breakfast digest and at noon, we began our run.

The noontime sun was high and hot; fortunately there was a little sea breeze. The panoramic view of the ocean took my mind off the heat and the hills. It was a thrill to be on the same course that just two weeks ago my husband along with thousands of other runners had run. It is a magnificent course and we trotted along at a steady pace. The energy was electric as we passed runners and bikers. After the week of rain, everyone was celebrating a glorious summer's day. I kept asking Tom what he was thinking during his Falmouth run as we passed mile markers and landmarks along the route.

As we passed the 6 mile marker (pictured above) for the 2nd time, I knew I had several hills ahead until we could cruise down toward the finish line. When you see the magnificent view of the sun glistening on the ocean, sailboats in full sail, seagulls swooping I forgot about everything that was happening in my body and allowed myself to be swept away putting my body on automatic pilot. We held hands as we ran down the hill toward the finish line and threw our arms up in jubilant celebration. I don't need to run the Falmouth Road Race - I just did with the best running partner in the world. P.S. My average heart rate was 141 with a peak of 160 for 1:40. That includes a 5 minute warm up and a pit stop for a pace of 16.6 minute/mile. Considering a year ago I did not know whether or not I was going to ever run again - I am delighted and grateful.

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Pamela McCurry Robbins said...

Mary...I could just see your smiling face....AND the beautiful scenery, as I was reading this! SOO glad you got to run in Falmouth!