Sunday, November 7, 2010

Exceptional Women

Today was an incredibly special day for me. I can imagine how singers feel when they hear their song played on the radio for the first time. Today I heard my interview air on Exceptional Women. If you missed the 'live' show you can download the podcast. When I went in for my interview, I was a nervous wreck. My now dear friend, Tina Gao, producer of the Exceptional Women show waved and smiled at me during the beginning of the interview with Candy O'Terry. It helped me to relax a little. I was amazed by my poise and how articulate I was because inside my head there was a part of me that struggled to find my voice that day.

I have been so blessed to be interviewed by Jordan Rich several times on WBZ Boston. I have been on Channel 7 News. and numerous blog talk shows. I have been interviewed by Bernie Siegel, MD So what was it about Exceptional Women?
Being interviewed on Exceptional Women and being a part of this amazing community was a vision I had for years. I was drawn to Candy talking about the luncheon. You see growing up I was not part of a sisterhood. I did not experience the power of women. I did not have a circle of friends with whom I giggled and stayed up all night or had long phone calls to share our heart's desire. I was too busy surviving and protecting myself from the world of chaos and trauma around me.

When I went to the Exceptional Women luncheon this past May the energy of the sisterhood was palpable. I met Laurel Labdon who is the founder of Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts and the executive director of Studio on Slough Road. We have a beautiful friendship that continues to grow.
I met incredible women. Six women who received awards Estelle Parsons, Kate White, Keziah Furth, Sylvia Crawley, Dr. Kathy Magliati and Kip Tiernan, and heard stories of countless others who were featured on the Jordans Furniture couch. From the program: "It's been 17 years since our weekly radio program Exceptional Women was born. .... "Our job is to give the women we interview the opportunity to tell their story so that others might learn from it...aspire to better for having heard it. ... They are humbled by their success and wiser because of their failures. Exceptional Women turn adversity into opportunity. It's as simple as that. ... "This is more than an's an experience."

The luncheon certainly was an experience and hearing my interview was one of the highlights of my life. I was honest, authentic and spoke from my heart. I realized the importance of my life's mission, my passion and my purpose and realize that I will leave a wonderful legacy when I make my transition (after I turn 100 - smile). This afternoon I had another blessed event. Ricky Powell and I 'met' on Daryn Kagan's social community. Ricky was inspired by my story. He is preparing to launch a new website which will include interviews of 'heroes' and authors. He will be leading Mastermind calls and have one on one coaching sessions with members of the community to help them remove the barriers to finding and following their passion and purpose. What a blessing and an honor to be the first person interviewed for the site!

I embrace being a hero. I embrace being an Exceptional Woman. I embrace being in the spotlight. I am so grateful to the countless people who have helped me reach this point in my journey and look forward to the road ahead. May you find your passion and your purpose, live from your heart and feel the incredible sense of triumph when you rise again and again no matter the challenge.

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God bless, be well and live like you were dyin
With love from my heart to yours,

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Well, they certainly picked the right woman for their interview! Congrats!