Friday, February 25, 2011

Heading to Hyannis

Two years ago at this very moment I was getting ready to run my first half marathon road race. I had done more than 13 miles on a training run but never run in a half marathon road race. I met Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Tim Doiron (no don't go google to see who he is; he is not famous in the way Frank and Bill are but is a dear friend whom I met on Just Finish) and it was the first time I really felt as though I belonged to the running community.

It was a grueling run for Team McManus. My daughter was recovering from the flu and we weren't sure whether or not she would be able to run but she rallied the morning of the race. I was run down from caring for my twins (her twin brother Tommy had the flu the week before) and I knew that it was a turning point as we headed into the long runs in preparation for Boston. I have never thrown up after a run before or since Hyannis. It began to sleet towards the end of the race and I forgot about my fuel and hydration plan and just ran my heart out to the finish. I was shivering in the ballroom and Frank Shorter signed my number and hugged me telling me how courageous I was. A reporter from the Cape Cod Times interviewed me. I went up to our room and threw. I have never felt so crummy after a run in my life but I also felt a sense of exhilaration. We went out for dinner and a coca cola and bread helped to settle everything down. We proudly wore our bling into the restaurant.

Last year I couldn't run. I did have a table thanks to the generosity of Paul Collyer I sold my books of inspirational poetry and represented Spaulding Rehab Hospital where I took the first steps on my healing journey. I distributed information about the End Polio Now Campaign and met IRL @reallynotarunnr and his beautiful family. Tom ran the 10K and we have wonderful memories of hanging out with members of the Merrimack Valley Striders Club and Tim Doiron. I celebrated even though I was on the sidelines.

It was a great time. Truth be told I was not sure whether or not I would come back to run the 10K this year.

But here I am - packed and ready with a few butterflies in the stomach. I am not going to have a table this year. I have been training since December for this race. I have not been focusing on setting a PR; I want to go out, have fun and see what this body can do. My training has taken on a new dimension with the practice of yoga. I feel stronger and more grounded but I am also more sore and getting used to the shifts that are happening in my body as a result of practicing yoga.

I don't know what is going to happen on Sunday. I am taking what I have learned on the mat out onto the road with me. I will be running along side my fellow Sparkling Diva, Deborah Doiron who ran the Tufts 10K with me. Tom will be running the Half Marathon. I am excited, and so grateful that I am back on the roads. I can't wait to see what this body is gonna do on Sunday. No matter what the clock may say it will be a PR for me.

God bless, be well and live like you were dyin'
See you at the finish line
From my heart to yours with love,

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Doug W said...

Lex and I SO wish we could be there with you. We had planned on it being her first half-marathon, but life gets in the way. Know that we are there with you in spirit and remember that every time you run it is a victory, no matter your time! This weekend you're running in Hyannis for all of us! Although, I will be out on the Boston course after work on Sunday morning with Luau and thinking of you...