Friday, February 18, 2011


No this is not about inspiration although we all know that is one of my favorite subjects to write about - this is about a product review for the new Inspire phone from AT & T. As my friends can attest, I am NOT a gadget guru girl by any means. It was a short while ago when my friends Ashley Niven, Jessie Kraus, my husband and I talked about how I was never going to get an iPhone. My husband said he'd go on Twitter if I got an iPhone. Well I held my end of the bargain and am still waiting to get a few more tweets out of him, but as so often happens -- I digress.

I had an iPhone and my husband had a blackberry. His blackberry was the victim of a training run; his Gu in his running belt found its way into the bowels of the blackberry. We went to the AT & T store and there we met an AT & T angel by the name of Seth Ross. He cleaned up Tom's phone and suggested he wait a few weeks to get a new phone because AT & T was coming out with two new phones.

Valentines Day was 2/14 and our wedding anniversary is 3/4 so Tom said that we should get his and hers Inspire phones. The AT & T Store at Chestnut Hill sold out of the Inspires on the 13th but on the 15th, the assistant manager was able to secure two brand new Inspire 4G phones for Tom and for me.

As I mentioned I am not a gadget guru but Seth took such time and patience showing us how to use our new phones. Of course Tom was off and running with his but I had to go back the next day for an extra tutorial. And now, thanks to Seth, my home page is set up just like my desktop with everything I need to stay connected while on the go. Thank you Seth and thank you AT & T for bringing this 57 year old gal into the 21st century. Inspire - it's like having a desktop in the palm of your hand. So for all of you gadget gurus out there - run don't walk to the AT & T store in Chestnut Hill and ask for Seth Ross where customer service is beyond compare.

God bless, be well and live like you were dyin'
From my heart to yours with love,

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