Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where Were You 35 Years Ago Today?

Anyone who was in Boston in 1978 over the age of 5 probably remembers the Blizzard of '78 known as the Storm of the Century. Why do I have such a keen memory of the storm? It was the day that I was supposed to have my bridal shower. I know odd to have it on a Monday but that was the time when everyone could be in Boston.

The ship that my husband and I had reserved for our wedding reception sunk during the Blizzard

The Peter Stuyvesant -- once a famed Hudson River riverboat that was restored and made part of the Pier 4 restaurant on Boston's harbor front -- was flooded by surging tide waters and left leaning and partially submerged. The vessel later was demolished and her remains removed from the pier area.

Photo from

Fortunately our marriage did not and we are getting ready to celebrate 35 wonderful years together on 3/4.

But as I reflect on that day, I realize how there were angels at every turn watching over us.

There were no cell phones. I was working at the Boston University Counseling Center in Kenmore Square. I called my mother who was at our apartment setting up for the shower and told her to get a cab back to her hotel. It was 3 pm and the storm was hitting hard. Miraculously she got a cab back to her hotel. It would not have been a pretty sight had we all been snowed in together in our tiny apartment in Allston. Somehow Tom and I were able to make our way home on public transportation.

When we were finally able to get out of our apartment, it was a surreal experience. No cars. No public transportation. People on cross country skis on Commonwealth Avenue

Parking meters and cars were buried:

Photos from The Blizzard of 78 in Boston

We were blessed to be able to walk to a grocery store. There was no meat - Yes we ate meat back then - so we ate eggplant for days. We did not lose our electricity but my mother's hotel did. The staff at the hotel handled the emergency situation with great expertise and she and the other guests were well cared for. Needless to say, my bridal shower had to be rescheduled. The National Guard were the only vehicles allowed on the streets. There was an incredible sense of camaraderie as people shared their sense of awe and wonder at what Mother Nature had wrought upon our city bringing the usual pace of life to a screeching halt for a week. We had no choice but to surrender and allow ourselves to experience a different way of being. There was something mystical about the experience.

So where were you 35 years ago today if you were in Boston and old enough to remember the Storm of the Century...I'd love to hear your memories.

From my heart to yours
With total love and deepest gratitude,



Pam Robbins said...

Wow! I remember you and Tom telling us about the big storm, but seeing the photos..OH MY!!

You two are such a wonderful couple and I can't WAIT to see y'all on March 14th!!

BTW....35 years ago, I was in Atanta...I don't remember much of a blizzard there!!

Jessica M said...

I can't imagine that much snow! I live in CT but if I remember correctly I'm pretty sure CT was affected as well as my parents relate the story every now and again of a huge storm where the whole state shut down.

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! :)

This is my firs time here. I came here after reading your wonderful poem that was published on the Women's Spiritual Poetry site. Looking forward to visiting again.:)