Monday, February 25, 2013

Raise The Roof! Help Make This Dream a Reality....

Mitigating climate change, sustainability, community building, bringing healthy food to urbanites are all part of the vision of John Stoddard and Courtney Hennessy for Higher Ground Farm, Boston's first rooftop farm set to begin operation in Spring of this year. But they need your help!

From Higher Ground Farm's Vision Statement:

Imagine a farm in the city. Tomatoes, greens, herbs, and other fruits and vegetables abound. Bees are buzzing and chickens are clucking, all in view of the Boston skyline – because this farm is on a rooftop.

Imagine a space where community members can learn about agriculture, sustainable urban planning, and green building design all in one place – and without ever leaving the city.

Imagine a unique event space, host to farm fresh meals, in the most literal sense of the word, and a venue where the Boston-area’s culinary experts teach cooking, growing, and preservation classes.

Now imagine a network of roof farms throughout the metropolitan area. A portion of the city’s needs for produce, eggs, fish, and honey is being met within its bounds. The food that is produced is consumed at its peak of freshness, and provides a measure of local food security.

This encompasses the vision of Higher Ground Farm. We will produce and market the freshest of foods, while simultaneously providing environmental benefits to the community by increasing green, permeable space in the city, and reducing carbon emissions.

We look forward to being your community farm. See you on the roof!

Higher Ground Farm was recently featured on MSNBC and has been featured in the Boston Globe, Design New England, Boston Metro, Charlestown Patch, Sustainable Business Network, and New England Home Magazine.

Please consider making a donation today to help them reach their Kickstarter goal of $20,000 by Sunday.

Visit Let's Raise the Roof (Farm)! on Kickstarter and help to kickstart this amazing venture!

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