Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Marathon Moment to Last a Lifetime

I don't know why she chose us. Perhaps it was because we were wearing our Spaulding Rehab Find Your Strength T shirts. I don't know how many she had carefully and lovingly prepared to hand out to the spectators on Marathon Monday. If memory serves me, she held a small pile of them in her hand.

As we stood just before mile 23 on Beacon Street cheering runners on their way to the finish, she paused and said, "Here - this is for you."

It's handwritten and laminated and says, "Thanks for being a fan today! Maureen #23513." On the back she wrote, "You're the best! Boston 2014."

This morning I was moved to check her results on the BAA website:

23513 Jones, Maureen 48 F Rochester MN USA
Official time 4:16:09

I have a BAA volunteer jacket and pin, a wristband from the 2013 Boston Marathon banners which we bought to support the One Fund, a 2014 Boston Marathon program, the Boston Marathon posters, pics and videos from Marathon weekend and from when we were support crew for training runs. There are so many memories and emotions that we have gathered since 4/15/13 of Boston 2014.

Yet this seemingly small laminated handwritten note from someone who traveled to Boston from Rochester, Minnesota to run the 2014 Boston Marathon is one of my most treasured souvenirs.

Maureen Jones took the time to hand write thank you notes, laminate them and pass them out to fans along the course.

She was thanking us for being there and for being Boston Strong. Our presence and energy was a symbol of resilience and courage for her which she acknowledged in this 4"x 1" handwritten note.

Maureen C Jones, PT is what came up when I googled Maureen Jones in Rochester, Minnesota. I will call the clinic where she works. I would love to hear the story behind this 4" x 1" laminated souvenir that I now hold as a treasure among my souvenirs for the Boston Marathon 2014. These are the marathon moments that last a lifetime.

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runwithken said...

This post gave me chills.

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Thanks for posting this, Mary.