Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving Into Marathon Weekend and a Recap of L Street Pre Marathon Meeting

Last night's pre marathon meeting with the L Street Running Club was like no other pre marathon meeting I've ever been to. It gave me pause to realize that this marathon weekend and Monday's race is an unprecedented historical event.

Lisa Hughes of WBZ moderated the meeting which began with Mike Wankum from WCVB giving the weather, Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray, Geoff Smith BM winner in '84 & '85, Greg Meyer last American winner to win BM in '83, Journalist & Pulitzer Prize winner Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe, author Paul Clerici and Jake Kennedy from Kennedy Bros. PT. The night was topped off with a visit by the Red Sox World Series Trophy.

Here are some photos that capture the spirit of L Street and the spirit of Boston Strong:

There were moments of commemoration, anticipation, inspiration, humor and getting everyone pumped who is running Boston on Monday.

Here is a photo of Dave McGillivray saying, "This is our race."

There was anger, tears and relief that together we endured this last year of tragedy, grief, healing, training through a brutal winter for those who trained for Boston and working support crew in frigid temperatures. There was a sense of community and love infused with a single purpose.

There was great advice from Dave McGillivray: Don't listen to those guys (referring to Greg Meyer and Geoff Smith) - listen to me - I always finish last. Listen to your body - don't look at your watch. The theme of advice from everyone was have fun. Enjoy every moment. Greg Myer suggested we not use the last American to win Boston when referencing his win back in 1983 but the most recent American to win Boston. Lisa Hughes announced that she would be interviewing the President today. He requested the interview because the last time he visited Boston we were a City reeling from an unthinkable tragedy.

It's one year ago today that we were in lockdown in the greater Boston area. Every last nerve was frayed in our community. Today, I find myself riding the waves of emotions. People are sharing their photos from the Expo picking up their bibs. There was a moment of silence and a memorial service for Office Collier who was shot and killed one year ago today. There is an odd mix of remembrance and moving forward.

We are all a part of a historical weekend and event on Monday. Let's allow ourselves to be present in each moment and to ride the waves of emotions that ebb and flow. It's an incredible ride and we are so blessed to be Boston Strong!

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