Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Impossible is nothing..I leave my doubts at the starting line

The journey of life is in many ways like a marathon -- there are times when we cruise downhill and feel the wind at our backs and then there are other times when there is an arduous uphill with the force of the wind trying to hold us back; we feel as though there is no way we can take another step. But asking God to guide the journey takes the sting out of the wind and makes the downhill cruising time so much more joyful. The title for this post is taken from the Adidas commercial for the Boston Marathon....and it is a motto that I want to drink into the depths of my soul. For with God, impossible is nothing and when I let God's love waft into my soul, there is no room for fear or doubt. This weekend we will run 12 miles for our training run....God has blessed us with miraculous weather (except for one weekend when there was a torrential downpour - God just wanted to let me know that no matter what, I was gonna get out there and run and that it is just as important to drink in the sunshine as it is to dance in the rain) and the forecast calls for sunshine once again. This is a journey I cannot undertake addition to frequent calls to God (1-800-54-GOD -- like the Giant Glass commercial) I seek out love and support from friends and family. To see the joy in other people's eyes as I share my story and my vision for running a marathon fuels me to be courageous and strong. My prayer is that the joy and the hope and the passion and the love that now burns brightly like the Olympic torch in my soul warms you, brings you hope and fuels your journey in the marathon of life. {The photo is of my husband Tom and myself at the Marathon Sports Weston 5 Miler Race}

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Worth-Waiting-For said...

What an incredible accomplishment! You have overcome so much, and it is truly an inspiration. My husband's younger cousin was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and we are considering training through Team in Training for the NYC marathon (if we can get slot). I have run two marathons (well, one really - due to a tornado warning, I was pulled at mile 21 in the last marathon I attempted!), so I can appreciate that experience of not feeling like you can take another step but doing so anyway. It really is a wonderful feeling to cross the finish line, and to think you did it after overcoming physical challenges is really something!