Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twelve Miles!

God is truly amazing! All I have to do is open my heart and soul and let all the love in. Today, God's love came in the form of a perfect weather running day...air was as calm as could be except for an occasional cooling breeze; there was bright sunshine glistening off of Jamaica Pond and the air temperature was almost 60 degrees -- for November 1st in New England - a total blessing!!! I prayed and told God that I had been running into headwinds during training runs for the past couple of weeks...especially on the weekends (of course we were training at Wollaston Beach where we were met with a stiff sea breeze). Today, we decided to change our venue and ran 8 times around Jamaica Pond which is 1.54 miles around. We found a parking space exactly where we needed it for easy access to our refueling - water, bananas, gatorade and saw some familiar faces (our former yoga teacher and a coworker that my husband worked with many years ago). There was incredible energy among walkers and runners; one woman was wearing her Tufts 10K T-shirt and we shouted out - finish stronger (the motto on the T says to start strong, finish stronger -- a wonderful motto for us to live by!). Oh, and God told me that I needed to learn how to run into the headwind and push against it to feel my own power -- so often I would have to push against the many physical therapists I encountered through the years to have my strength tested or to help me to strengthen these limbs which had been weakened by the polio virus...well now...strength and power are mine -- and they are yours as well you know -- all you have to do is ask and you shall receive; knock and the door will be opened and seek and you will find....
We are blessed to be on this journey prayer is that you have the joy and health and peace and happiness and love and prosperity that is your birthright - our birthright. And let us join together in prayer that from our hearts overflowing with love our world is healed and together we can create a New World!

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Worth-Waiting-For said...

Creating "a new world" - I like it!