Thursday, April 9, 2009

Positivity - My Fueling Plan for Mind and Spirit

Everyone's blogs are addressing pre race fueling, what to eat for breakfast, how to fuel during the Marathon so I decided that since I've done everything I can to train my body and am now in the taper mode (hey listen to me, I sound just like a real runner), I need to talk about fueling the mind and the spirit.

What am I doing these next 10 days leading up to race day to fuel the mind and spirit? I am watching Steve Runner's videos at which fuels my excitement about race day. I am reading my friend's blogs (Tim Doiron, blogs on and recently joined the community at I am reading stories of inspiration and positivity. I am listening to music which fuels my journey - "As I Am" by Kristen Chenowith, "This is the Moment" from Jekyll and Hyde sung by (okay don't laugh it works for me) Donny Osmond - such powerful words and I believe that was the theme song for one of the Olympics. I listen to Country 102.5 and my daughter and I are watching You Tube videos of Sugarland. I am watching You Tube videos of Ball In The House and next Friday, 4/17 we are going to a benefit concert that they are playing for someone who came to our benefit concert a month ago - as a side bar, I have no idea where the time has flown. So how is this poet/entrepreneur going to be spending the next 10 days leading up to the 113th running of the Boston Marathon?

I am editing my 2nd book of inspirational poetry, "Set Sail for a New World" and today, I just found out that the Brookline Tab is doing a major article on my journey on the Road to the Boston Marathon - one year later.They did a story on May 8 when I declared that with every fiber in my being I would run the Boston Marathon. I am creating customized poetry for my clients of New World Greeting Cards and going on Twitter to connect with positive Twitter friends. I am writing articles for The Diva Toolbox and to share my story of inspiration which helps to bless and inspire others while continuing to keep my positivity levels high. I understand that on Marathon Monday, the positivity factor is off the charts - it is the time leading up to the Marathon when all the hard labor is behind me that I need to fuel myself with positivity. I banish fears and worries when they creep in to try to take hold (I do miss those endorphins from the long runs). I am going to a yoga class tonight and have two sessions scheduled with Janice, energy healer extraordinaire. And of course, I will continue to blog.

To help keep me extra busy during these next ten days, why not order customized poetry from for those special people and special occasions in your life. And while you're visiting my website, order a copy or two or three of my book of inspirational poetry. 20% of the proceeds is donated to Spaulding Rehab's polio fund.

You can still donate to Team McManus by visiting

See you at the finish line!
God bless

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Ashley said...

Mary - your positive attitude is so inspiring! GOOD LUCK IN BOSTON!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! :)