Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are You Star Struck - With Yourself?

Yes - you read that right - with all the talk of the Oscars and the stars coming out, I was wondering, are we each in touch with our own star power? I will admit that growing up (and that includes up until just recently) I was awe struck and star struck when I saw a 'famous person'. There was a sense of I'm not among them. Our culture perpetuates this myth - the notion - I am not good enough to be interacting with them. (I noted how I had grown in the past year to feel comfortable sitting with Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter and Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers at the Hyannis Race Expo). Growing up as a polio survivor, I held the mistaken belief that I was not good enough; I was deformed, different, an outcast. No one wanted me on their team. So I burned myself out trying to prove myself.

Now I celebrate myself! Last year we held a benefit concert for Team McManus. The incredible a cappela group Ball In The House performed. Before they sang "Shining Star", Aaron Loveland, the lead singer said they were dedicating the song to me. I never had anyone sing a song to me before and he tweaked the lyrics to celebrate me. I give myself the Oscar for living the best life I know how to live. I am open to opportunity and possibility and believe in myself as a child of God. In the morning, I look in the mirror and look straight into my eyes and say, "you are a child of God and you are beautiful." I ask God how and who I may serve this day. Some days I know I get it right; some days I fall short; some days I indulge in gossip and judgment; most days I reach for light and love and work to keep my thinking in alignment with God.

I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunities that are opening before me. Every day is a day overflowing with possibility and promise which allows me to live my highest purpose - to inspire others with my journey, to share the spiritual wisdom I am learning along my journey and to do my part to join with others as part of the collective consciousness. When I hear that my words have touched another's heart or that my journey has given someone hope, I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share my talents and gifts to bless others. And I am blessed by the presence of so many who give from their hearts and reach out in joy and love, to celebrate life and to be in the marvellous flow of giving and receiving.

What song are you going to dedicate to yourself? In what categories do you deserve to win the Oscar? Be star struck with who you are - a radiant child of God.

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