Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oatmeal Never Tasted So Good....

It is Spring in Boston. I saw my first forsythia today on my morning run and one of my favorite trees is beginning to bloom. And I am back on the road again - so to speak - as I train to run for the Harvard Pilgrim 10K on July 4th. So why is training for a 10K a big deal? After all, I ran the Boston Marathon last year. Well, those of you who have been following my blog may recall that after running the marathon I hit the proverbial wall. Only my wall came in the form of cervical spine disease and also a resurgence of post polio symptoms. But with backing off from an intense strength training program, getting trigger injections and another course of physical therapy and with an overhaul of my training program, I am able to run again.

I was having a breakfast of oatmeal, toast, juice and water and waiting two hours before doing my cardio work outs. I remembered that we used to only have a piece of toast, juice and water and then go on our short training runs, eating after we ran. So today I decided to implement a tried and true routine. It worked! I felt less lethargic and the time seemed to fly by. I ran 2.4 miles with a looooong hill on the way back and am able to do under a 17 minute mile. I just need to do a 20 minute mile for the Harvard Pilgrim 10K because it is a walk/run. And along the way, as I mentioned above, I saw the first forsythia blooming as well as one of my favorite trees in full bloom. When I came home and ate my oatmeal I savored every bite and let me tell you....oatmeal never tasted so good!

I am reconnecting with what my body needs and what works to keep it functioning at its best. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to run again - and this time I've shed so many of the worries like being left behind, finishing last and it is so liberating. I can feel the joy and freedom in my body despite the aches and pains. I minister to it with stretching and strengthening, cervical traction and a foam roller and I focus on all that is magnificent about this journey.

I feel rebirth and renewal this Spring. I am so blessed to be a part of the Twist Family radio, The Fabulous Ones , Lifelong Happiness website which is going to launch in April, (the founder is Ricky Powell, child actor and executive at NBC), all the wonderful guests I have met through City Enlightenment, and Its All About You, launching my 2nd book on The Jordan Rich Show and also establishing a new and exciting connection with The Salk Institute

I am so grateful, so blessed and savoring each moment, and noticing how oatmeal never tasted so good.

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God bless, be well & make every moment count
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