Thursday, March 11, 2010

End Polio Now! - What? I thought we already did....

When I say polio, you say.... Oh yeah, FDR had polio didn't he? Polio - that doesn't exist anymore. When I think of polio, I think of Tiny Tim and Charles Dickens. Don't worry, you are not alone. These are the kinds of responses I get when I tell people I am a polio survivor. Thank God that polio is a thing of the past here in the United States. But did you know that polio is only a plane ride away? It still exists in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Did you know that Desmond Tutu is a polio survivor, Alan Alda, Francis Ford Coppola, Mia Farrow, Olympic Gold Medalist Wilma Rudolph, Itzhak Perlman, Jack Nicklaus, Donald Sutherland, Joni Mitchell, Lionel Barrymore and Gwen Verdon just to name a few. Rotary International is feverishly working to go the "Final Inch" to eradicate polio world wide. And you can help. One dose of the vaccine costs only $.60. Any donation will help in the Rotary $200 Million Dollar Challenge made when Bill and Melinda Gates donated $300 million to end polio now. Melinda's aunt was affected by polio.

No child should ever experience the devastating effects of this disease (or any adult for that matter). And as polio survivors age, they are vulnerable to post polio syndrome. Fortunately, physicians are aware of post polio syndrome. The social security administration grants social security disability benefits to those diagnosed with post polio syndrome. There are wonderful resources through Post Polio Health International and Polio Today and through Post Polio Clinics throughout the United States. Right here in Massachusetts we have the Spaulding Rehab International Rehab Center for Polio where I took the first steps on my healing journey. I speak at Rotary Clubs to inspire them to donate to the End Polio Now campaign and to work together to create a polio free world.

My dream is that Oprah & Ellen do a show about the End Polio Now campaign. They have famous and inspirational polio survivors on the show and we join forces to go The Final Inch! The photo above is from Rotary International's End Polio Now newsletter. The East Side of the Wrigley Building in Chicago is illuminated with a red End Polio Now logo -- Oprah I hope you are listening! Ellen - let's dance so that others can dance!

You can read all about the exciting News and Events I would love to share with you. Join us on Blog Talk Radio shows for inspiration and enlightenment, read about my journey with polio and post polio syndrome and listen to past interviews.

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