Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Begins The Journey of a Marathoner's Wife

My husband received the email from Childrens Hospital that he is a member of the Miles for Miracles Team running the 2011 Boston Marathon to raise money for Boston Childrens Hospital. First thing this morning, we set up our fund raising page and thanks to Kevin Green of Just Finish and @sneezy43 on Twitter we are off and running. Our dear friend Doug Welch @reallynotarunnr is also part of the team. I was his first donor and as I said - "Let's get this party started - one for all and all for one."

I am delighted that I am sitting this marathon out and have the blessed opportunity to be a marathoner's wife. This is a new role for me. In the 2009 Boston Marathon, we were Team McManus. I trained, I fund raised, I was a wife and mother...but enough about me! I am so ecstatic that I can support my husband on this run. He has been there for me literally every step of the way since the diagnosis of post polio syndrome. Well, in truth for the past 32 years but no time was more critical for me than after being diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease. He was thinking about how we could renovate the house and told me that I had to leave my job. When I submitted our story, "A Marriage for the Ages" to a Womans Day writer, she was in awe of what we have overcome together.

My husband had his physical today. He has lost 25 pounds in the past year. We are maintaining a healthy lifestyle - no red meat; tons of fresh fruit and veggies of every shape, size and color; we love nuts and trail mix-hummus and carrots and lots of water. We had been eating only fish but since I realized I needed more protein in my diet, we have added chicken and turkey. I am having so much fun cooking healthy meals for the two of us. No empty nest syndrome here! We joined L Street Running Club so that he is going to have a running community to support him through his marathon training. I have booked all of his appointments with Eric Derrico of BMA through the Tuesday following the marathon. It's going to be quite a different training experience this go round.

While Tom trains for the Boston Marathon - eeek I get so excited saying that -- I am training for the Hyannis 10K and keeping my sights on a half. My ultimate goal - Bermuda 2013! Today I had an incredible training run. It was a very cool start to the day so I layered. The sun was glorious lighting up the foliage against the blue sky. I had my iPod with my running playlist. Today was a 45 minute run and my goal is for an intensive cardio workout. I know that my speed is improving because I usually run twice around the reservoir and then back to the Heath School (I know for those of you not in my neighborhood these landmarks mean little) but today I went almost 2 blocks beyond the Heath School before the 45 minutes was up. I also incorporated two hills into the work out.

During this morning's meditation the words hill training and fartlek came to mind. (Yes you know you are a runner when....). My body was saying - oh no girlfriend, you are not ready for this and then I said we are gonna take it one step at a time. I reviewed how far I have come during the past year and expressed overwhelming gratitude to God for the healing I have experienced in my life. I had the email words from my team trainer, Domenick D'Amico for Boston ringing in my ears "congratulations on Tufts - now we are gonna start training you for a half". I know that running is 90% mental and 10% physical and so when I went out on my run this morning I decided to incorporate one little and one large hill into the workout. I needed to get my feet wet and prepare myself for kickin' it up a notch. No more fear...confidence...back straight...knowing that this time as I train for first a half marathon and then a full it's going to be different. I have a lot more power and strength in my body. I am working with Eric, an incredible body worker, and I am shedding the shackles of the past.

Check out Tom's Miles for Miracles page! And go ahead, make a donation. I know you want to!

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God bless, be well and live like you were dyin'
With love, from my heart to yours

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