Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sparkling Divas - Pre Race Report

When I woke up this morning I had a lot of pre race jitters and was feeling very weepy. Rather than fight the feeling I decided to make a space around it and look into what was happening. The first place I looked was at the blog post I wrote a year ago as I recapped watching my daughter run last year's race.

I had thought that I was through with running because of the cervical spine disease and the toll that training for and running the Boston Marathon had taken on my body. After hearing yesterday's race announcer and seeing so many women in all shapes, sizes and with many different challenges I decided that once again I will not let anyone tell me I can't do something. I will take this winter to heal and to get stronger and next October I will proudly take my start next to my daughter for the running of the 34th Annual Tufts 10K.

I will proudly take my start tomorrow for the running of the 34th Annual Tufts 10K only it will be beside two friends and we call ourselves The Sparkling Divas! I had blogged about the significance of running with two girlfriends; from easy out Alper (my maiden name) and no one wanting me on their team to running side by side with two wonderful friends after being told that I would not run again. This will be my fourth race in 5 months; I will be running 5 races in 5 months on Halloween as my husband and I run the SuperHero 5K.

When I picked up my number I was overcome with emotion. Yes, I have run three other races but this is the one that I declared I would be back running again a year ago. Truth be told I had no idea how. I was so deconditioned last year; the pain from cervical spine disease was intense and fatigue and weakness were prevalent. I feel like the Phoenix who has risen from the ashes or better yet like the beautiful butterfly that is emerging from the cocoon yet again stronger and more determined to continue to fly and spread my message of hope and possibility.

So with a lot of hard work during this past year to rehabilitate myself once again, having an incredible running and training partner in my husband Tom, an incredible circle of runner friends who embrace my journey and show me so much love and support, I will, indeed, proudly take my place at the start of the 34th running of the Tufts 10K.

To read more about my journey visit Mary and read about the new world I created after the life altering diagnosis of post polio syndrome.

God bless, be well and live like you were dying
With love from my heart to yours,

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