Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comfort in the Comfort Zone

This blog could be sutitled, "My very own unique training plan." Feeling comfort in my physical being is an experience that is still alien to me. Feeling comfortable in who I am is a new experience for me and the physical being is the manifestation of the inner world. In 2008 when my personal trainer asked me what my next health and fitness goals were, the first words out of my mouth were, "I want to feel free in my body. I want to be able to go outside and just take a walk feeling good." Of course I jumped to and I want to run the Boston Marathon so I kind of skipped over that I want to feel comfortable part and went right to training for a marathon.

The journey has been incredible with more ups and downs than the Hulk roller coaster at Universal Studios but it's all been a wonderful joyous ride as I learn so much about myself and about life. Before I get too zen today I'll get back to comfort in the comfort zone. As a recovering Type A, it is a challenge for me to just be. The practice of yoga is such a blessing in my life because it allows me to be in the moment and teaches me about the importance of rest - savasana at the end of every yoga class - a time for stillness. I have written about going on a power walk but there was always a but, an excuse as though I had to apologize for not running or training harder. Of course that's all from within. So yesterday I started out feeling that I needed to do a training run for Harvard Pilgrim 10K coming up in a few short weeks.

And then it happened - I said I am going on a walk. I am going to go at a comfortable pace and I am going to thoroughly enjoy the day. No excuses, no apologies, no thoughts of I should be ..... I have the confidence that I could run or walk or do whatever to finish the Harvard Pilgrim 10K if it were held tomorrow. Of course it's not and I have time to train with Tom but I also want to make sure that I have fun and enjoy the Harvard Pilgrim 10K.

Pamela Robbins whom I have known through Just Finish, blogging and recently Facebook and with whom I have spoken by phone on a couple of occasions is coming to Boston. We have been planning to run a race together for I don't know how long and have also planned to meet in person. This year we are making it happen! She is coming to Boston over July 4th and we are running the Harvard Pilgrim 10K together with my husband her daughter. We are kindred spirits and have developed this wonderful friendship of love and support as mid-lifers who do not look like your typical runner but we get out there and run with heart. She has a delightful sense of humor - that kind of dry wit that helps keep everything in perspective. We share a strong faith and live with an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings in our lives despite or maybe because of the challenges we have faced in life.

I cranked up my iPod, breathed in the summer air, enjoyed the lush green trees, felt the warm sun on my face. I smiled at runners and walkers as we passed each other. I felt true joy and appreciation in my heart for the day, for the blessing of being able to get outside and enjoy a walk, feeling free in my body and guilt free feeling comfortable in the comfort zone. (p.s. Not that it matters but my pace/mile was 15:32 - smile).

God bless, and be well
From my heart to yours
With love and gratitude,

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Pamela McCurry Robbins said...

The more I read from you...the more I find we are alike!! I absolutely MUST try a yoga class...I have avoided them because I feel I would have a really hard time...being still! I am so looking forward to meeting you and Tom in person!
I'm sitting here laughing a little..I just realized that we both picked the same template for our blogs!!