Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"The play's the thing."

I remember 11th grade English Literature with Mr. Tassone. We studied Hamlet among other great literary works and plays. He was one of my all time favorite teachers who cultivated my appreciation for live theater.

My friend Christa Avampato took a sabbatical of sorts last year in California. She wrote the play, "Sing After Storms" which I have blogged about in previous posts.

Christa announced in her blog yesterday that the rough cut of "Sing After Storms" was available on You Tube.

Last evening after dinner, my husband and I sat down to watch it.

Even though I had read the script and knew the back story of the play, I was spellbound by the performances.

We weren't even aware that the sun had set and our living room was almost dark except for the light from our computer. We paused it to turn on the lights and then finished watching the performance.

I can only imagine how incredible the show is live in the theater.

I am hoping that Christa will find a way to bring her production to Boston and/or have more performances in New York on a weekend when I don't have plans.

But for now, you can enjoy Christa's creation brought to life by a fabulous cast and crew on You Tube.

Today in Christa's blog she wrote,

I tried for a long time to keep my steady paycheck while also progressing on my writing and other creative projects. With a plan B always at the ready, I could only get so far. To really progress, I needed to let go of the comfy ledge I was teetering on for a long time. The path to progress was straight through the eye of discomfort, and though it wasn’t easy I’m glad I didn’t flinch."

Me too, Christa! Me too. Thank you for having the courage to let go and allow your gifts to flow. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, Mary. You are so kind, supportive, and amazing. I am so glad you enjoyed the film and I'm hoping we'll be singing after storms for a long time to come. And no one understand the power of the play's title more than you my dear friend! xo