Monday, July 21, 2014

The Joy of a Staycation: Simple Pleasures

There's something wonderful about feeling the anticipation of a vacation. Packing the bags and heading off for a change of scenery. But for me, there is also something wonderful about creating a vacation from our very own home.

Yesterday, Tom and I spent the day working in the yard. I do have to be mindful about how much and what I do. With him to do the heavy lifting so to speak, I could thoroughly enjoy dirt therapy with him. We worked together as a wonderful team finally having the expanse of time to work in our yard without the pressure of him returning to work today and needing to get other chores done.

This morning we slept in until about 7:30. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together in our beautiful clean yard and then headed out together for a 3.1 mile run. Tom is going to do more yard work this afternoon. It's so wonderful to feel his energy at home taking care of our home.

We've lived here for 18 years. There was so much work each of us was doing first in raising our children, then in careers, and then in my healing journey that it seems as though this is the first time we can settle into our homestead and thoroughly enjoy a staycation.

It's the simple pleasures of sharing meals together, taking care of the yard and our beautiful greenery, sitting and reading together, relaxing after runs and having time to be.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, Tom is going to join me for Aquatics Therapy classes at Spaulding. It will be great cross training for him and it will be a joy to share in the classes with him as we did before his work schedule changed. We'll pack up the car complete with a good old fashioned picnic lunch and after Aquatics tomorrow we are going to head straight to Nantasket Beach for the day. I cannot remember the last time we went to Nantasket. Bea D'Angelo, a member of L Street Running Club is the owner of The Red Parrot where we will dine at the end of our day long getaway.

On Thursday, Tom runs the Marathon Sports 5 Miler. Even though the forecast isn't looking good, nothing can dampen our spirits when we get together with our Marathon Sports family.

As of now, we have no plans for Friday.

And that's the joy of a staycation. The simple pleasures of being together, feeling contented and celebrating the warmth and love of our home and a time to Be.


Be optimistic
and leave behind the lies of anything that is not love.
Tune out voices of hate
tune into light
feel light
be light hearted
though at times
sorrow in the world
weighs heavy on the heart.

Choose perspective
hold onto hope
believe in miracles

Be fearless in

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