Sunday, August 2, 2009

There is No Problem Too Big for God!

Growing up in a home with an alcoholic father and a mother addicted to prescription painkillers, I lived in a climate of fear, and mistrust. I became an outstanding detective, developed incredible skills of self reliance and was a control freak. While these traits and behaviors got me through 18+ years of living in and being involved with a chaotic environment, these traits no longer serve me. Today as I was buying tickets on line for an event, my credit card was declined. My instant reaction - fear -- solar plexus clutch -- somehow there were unexplained charges on my card and I went over my credit limit or someone had gotten a hold of my card and wreaked havoc with 'my credit'. I chose another card to make the purchase and then called customer service.

Do you know what happened? I entered the wrong expiration date for the card and that's the reason it got declined. I began to reflect on my instantaneous fear reaction and assuming that something is wrong that I need to fix or worse - there is impending doom. A miraculous shift began to occur as I realized - there is no problem too big for God. No matter what may be 'wrong', with God there is always a solution to be found and a blessing wrapped in the challenge. I waste so much energy in my fear reaction and imagining the worst; I do love and honor myself knowing that these shackles I put on myself come from living in an environment where there was incredible chaos. These shackles weigh me down and no longer serve a purpose and so it is time to...

Shake off shackles let Spirit shine
Release my self let in Divine.
There's no harm and there's no doubt
God turns troubles inside out.
On the edge pull back from fear
God's protection always near.
Call for help feel love surround
Let gratitude and joy abound.

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Pamela McCurry Robbins said...

So TRUE!! I love this post.