Monday, August 31, 2009

The First Day of School

Today is September 1st and fall is in the air. It's ironic that fall is a time of new beginnings - the start of a new school year, the start of a new season, the start of a New Year in the Jewish tradition. I was reflecting --

What if I lived every day as though it were the first day of school?
Eager anticipation, trepidation, confident I can meet the challenge.
The sound of the bell drowns out the voices from the past.
I'm part of the cool crowd now - a Divine Child of God.
Blank pages, unopened texts - so much to learn and explore
Wonderful opportunities and adventures
I am student and teacher.
I create my day -
stillness, raucous recess, time to study, time to work
time alone, time with friends, reading, writing.
I choose where to focus my attention
Disciplined and free
Hearing the Voice of the Divine Teacher.

I received the results of the MRI of my cervical spine. I am so grateful that there is 'nothing serious' (in the words of my master magician physician) going on and we are going to do another trigger injection along with a course of physical therapy. There are degenerative changes, arthritis, and other incidental findings which may need an additional work up for the swallowing issues I experience. I am hopeful that with the trigger injection and reducing the inflammation, the swallowing symptoms will improve. I am also eager to have another course of physical therapy to relieve the muscle spasms and pain. It is new for me to reach out and ask for support and love when I am not able to satisfy what I believe is the expectation of another person. It is new for me to be authentic, honest, open and vulnerable and true to myself. I email'ed my personal trainer, Janine Hightower of to let her know we have to cancel our appointment for a reassessment of my fitness and develop the next phase of my fitness plan. She responded with a marvelous quote: "Fitness is not about being 100% all the time and the people who have lifelong fitness are those who can maintain a program through the changes our bodies inevitably go through...we'll get through this too!"

Every day can be like the beginning of a new school year. What am I going to write on that first page of my blank composition book? How am I going to create my day? How will I choose to respond to life's tests? I am reminded how training for the Boston Marathon is like running the marathon in life. There can be pain, needing to push a little farther than I thought I ever could and the need to know when it is time to rest, refuel and recoup. There are days I don't know how I'm ever gonna make it through that training run and there are days when I feel I could run forever. I can choose to be in the victim role or I can choose to harness all of my strength, faith, grit and determination and loving support of people around me to meet the challenges with grace and faith. I can retreat and contract into a state of fear, immobilization and isolation or I can choose to focus on gratitude and affirmations expanding my heart and spirit into a state of joy, trust and love. I can feel the love of God evident in the physical world around me and through the love of people in my life embrace and surround me. The love of God provides me with healing and renewal of mind, body and spirit. So I am putting on my new first day of school outfit, sharpening my pencils, feeling all the excitement and joy that new beginnings bring and approaching each day with hope, eager anticipation, desire to grow and learn and with the sure knowledge that with God I have the confidence to live as my divine, authentic self moving confidently in the direction of my dreams.

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