Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exceptional Women

Through a series of incredible Divine events, I found myself sitting in Greater Media Studios with Candy O'Terry, Tina Gao and Lizzy Elrod recording my interview as an exceptional woman; a back yard hero as Candy O'Terry and Gay Vernon like to call me. The interview was originally scheduled for May but with the Exceptional Women luncheon and the passing of Candy's dad, it was postponed until today. I have learned to trust in Divine Timing and the interview was not supposed to happen before today. I had to do some inner work before I was ready to focus and share my message. I spent this morning in meditation, listening to music and being still. I have done many interviews but I knew this one was going to be different. It wasn't about what I had done; it was shining the spotlight on who I am. I knew that I was moving into a new phase; I am moving into the spotlight as one of Boston's #1 FM Radio Station (and nominee for Station of the Year) Exceptional Women. Other Exceptional Women have included the editor of Cosmo magazine, Gloria Estefan, Melinda Doolittle, Estelle Parsons, my very dear friend and former Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts, Laurel Labdon and the list goes on. I am humbled and excited and deeply honored and grateful that I count myself among these women. As I said to Candy as we hugged hello, "We are all exceptional women!"

Candy, Tina and Elizabeth greeted me as though I were an old friend. The warmth and love overflowed. Candy took me from my childhood with paralytic polio and abuse, to my career as a social worker, to my diagnosis of post polio syndrome and the crossing of the Boston Marathon finish line and beyond. As I shared when I was first diagnosed with post polio syndrome and mentioned that an angel, Anna Rubin answered the phone at the Spaulding Outpatient Clinic and she sent me the book Post Polio Syndrome written by Dr. Julie Silver, Candy told me that Anna had nominated Julie for an exceptional woman award. Read this article for a great dose of goosebumps, "Awards Tie Together Exceptional Stories"

Julie's book validated my physical experiences and universalized my feelings as a polio survivor. Prior to reading Julie's book and talking with Anna, I had not talked about my experiences with polio. It was something pushed to the recesses of my mind but held so tightly in my body. Although I had a wonderful physical therapist and physiatrist, we did not talk about feelings. The focus was on watching how my body was growing and developing, preventing scoliosis and keeping high arches. I remember having to pick up marbles with my toes and being able to always bend over and touch my toes. I remember the healing touch of Miss Holly, my physical therapist and her reading Dr. Seuss to me before every painful physical therapy session but I do not remember anyone asking me how are you feeling? Perhaps if I would have focused on how I was feeling at the time, I would not have been able to find the strength and courage to walk again and go through the pain. No matter... the circle of influence with exceptional women grows and the synchronicity is phenomenal. That's why Candy and Gay do the show; it's about the empowerment of women and the 'magic' that happens when women who have triumphed over adversity share their stories. As a bonus, after my interview, I met two women who grace the airwaves - Nancy Quill and Amanda Giles. When I had my reconstructive leg surgery, I told my surgeon Dr. Don Reilly that I wanted Magic to play in the OR. Nancy Quill's voice brought me such comfort during the surgery (I had an epidural and was awake during the procedure). It was great to thank her in person. Amanda Giles is on every morning and just a delight. I count my blessings to know these wonderful people who bring love, joy and light to the airwaves.

I'll let you know when the interview will air. Visit my News and Events page for a complete listing of all the exciting News and Events happening in my new world. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming events.

Be sure to order your autographed copy of my books of inspirational poetry and dive into and set sail for a world infused with God's love, hope, light and joy and chronicle my healing journey with polio and post polio syndrome. And when you do, I donate 20% to the Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts Foundation.

God bless, be well and enjoy every moment!
With love,

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