Monday, August 9, 2010

Setting Sail on the Jordan Rich Show

I was blessed to launch my 2nd book of inspirational poetry, "Set Sail for a New World:Healing a Life Through the Gift of Poetry" on August 7th at the midnight hour on the Jordan Rich Show. If you have never listened to Jordan Rich, do yourself a favor and tune into his show. He is a man of integrity, warmth, wit and overflows with love and care. Unlike so many shows on TV and radio these days, Jordan brings light and joy into the world with his guests. He is a gifted interviewer and he was the captain of the ship as we launched my book. He navigated the questions to enable me to not only share my gift of poetry but my healing journey and emergence from the dark night of the soul.

As always happens when I am a guest on his show, there is synchronicity and connections made. We were doing a trivia contest (Dr. Seuss of course-my physical therapist read Dr.Seuss to me at the age of 5 before every physical therapy session as I worked to overcome paralytic polio) for listeners to win a copy of my poetry books. A listener called in who is a polio and post polio survivor. Jordan said that since it was his show, he could make the rules about the contest and we sent her a copy of my book. Jordan is always in the 'business' of making connections and knew we should connect off air. During our conversation on Sunday, she revealed to me that she had never called into a radio show before. She asked God whether or not she should and decided to go for it. She usually doesn't stay up until midnight but on this particular night decided to tune into the show. So everything aligned to bring our two souls together to share our journey and a new friendship is forged. She talked with me about how she subscribed to the belief that as a post polio patient, if you use it, you lose it and was in awe that I had the courage to follow my own instincts about what my body wanted to do. She said that she is going to pray about releasing the fear to God.

Jordan once sent me a note with a CD of his last Sunday night show. We are both kindred spirits; recovering Type A's and he talked about how important it is to take care of ourselves; to slow down and make time for what is important. He said 'it's always positive to share, whether it be with one or one million.' When I do radio shows or public speaking, I never know who is meant to hear my message. I do know that I am always transformed by the sharing and I see my journey with a new perspective about where I have been. I always emerge with a clearer sense of purpose and passion. I have come to the realization that it is not about the numbers or about the book sales. It is about sharing the journey, being my authentic self, sharing my gift of poetry and having a lot of fun along the way.

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God bless, be well and enjoy every moment!
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kate loving shenk said...

Wonderful story about new connections as well as the launching of your book! Do you want to come on MMY on 8/31 to discuss your new book?! That will be fun!!