Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inspiration Station

I was invited to speak at the Merrimack Valley Striders Club as their inspirational speaker for their December meeting. On their web page they have a section titled, "Inspiration Station". I sent them the link to the Channel 7 News Story featuring my Boston Marathon Run and they posted it before I was scheduled to speak last Wednesday.I had the pleasure of meeting guest speaker Channel 7's Steve Cooper at the meeting. He was taken with my story and during his speech he said that the winners of the marathon are the winners but we love to cover the "Mary stories" because they are the heart and soul of the Boston Marathon. My husband recorded my speech and posted it on You Tube.

Why? We all have stories and when we share them we discover we are not alone. There is a common human experience. I love sharing my story to uplift and inspire others; to help lift others out of the muck and mire of every day life to see the world through my eyes. I had to overcome so many physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that when I use my story to touch the hearts of others, all of the pain becomes transformed. Others feel the sense of hope and possibility in their lives and they in turn are transformed.

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