Saturday, November 9, 2013

So Much More Fun Than a Theraband!

I've been blogging about my adventures in Aquatics Therapy classes at Spaulding Rehab. The therapists who teach the classes make strength training an incredibly delightful experience.

When I was in the pool on Tuesday, I remembered when my strength training involved therabands.

It was challenging. It was Boring with a capital B and well, I hated it. Yet at the time I knew I did not have a choice because I wanted to build strength.

But what joy there is in using the water for resistance and enjoying movement that is helping me to build strength. Karis, our Tuesday morning instructor comes up with creative movements for proprioception and neuromuscular development as well as to build strength.

Here was our exchange on Tuesday morning:
"How many squats have you done?" - Karis
"I don't know. I lost count. A lot." - me
"Okay give me 5 more and then we'll move onto lunges and then free swim." - Karis
"Hey were you ever a camp counselor?" - me
"I sure was." - Karis

Last Thursday, Diana who has a doctorate in physical therapy and is the Assistant Site Manager and Orthopedic Clinical Supervisor at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital proclaimed that she was our cruise director! Who remembers The Love Boat?

Entering the warm waters of the Spaulding pool with its flood lights under the water surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that overlooks Boston Harbor is like being on a cruise ship. Diana's energy and passion is that of a cruise director. She watches each of us like a hawk and makes suggestions to either up level or modify the exercises. She keeps us moving from start to cool down with cardio and core strengthening exercises. Her smile and laugh are infectious. Her knowledge and skill keen and her support unwavering.

I feel challenged, frustrated, triumphant, jubilant and most of all grateful - deeply grateful and blessed that I have this opportunity to at last overcome post polio syndrome and to do it in a way that is so much more fun than a theraband!

Be Grateful from A Celebration of Life - available with all of my books of inspirational poetry on Amazon.

Be grateful you’re alive
and never give up
even when your body and mind
freak out
find peace
in the center of your soul
feel your Essence.

and in that moment of surrender
feel joy
freedom in detachment
abiding with the deepest darkest fear
difficulties transform into awakening
free fall
sky diving
the thrill of being fully alive.

Be grateful
feel every sensation
each moment passes
strength of Spirit
thrives in the face of adversity
coal becomes diamond
gold forged in the crucible
hidden treasures
be grateful.

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