Thursday, November 6, 2008

Staying Positive!

This morning I woke up to rain...but it is warm 55 degrees and it's a tempo run so the rain motivates me to go faster .:) - and interesting how God helps to plan my day. My trainer, Janine, had a scheduling conflict so we rescheduled for next week. Home Depot was coming to replace a window so I could not go on an early morning run and I was supposed to meet with my publicist this afternoon but she had to reschedule so now my daughter, Ruth Anne and I can go on a tempo run together this afternoon after her class. Trusting, remaining positive and knowing that all is well and in Divine Order is the fuel to guide me along this amazing journey. It's also about listening to the Voice within and making choices using my intuition to guide me. It is so easy for the internal critical voice of fear and doubt to take over - but move over fear and are being replaced with God's abundant Love which showers us all with Grace and strength and courage and light. I use a broom to sweep away the cobwebs of negative thinking and unleash the energy which is going to be needed for every training run.
Oh and guess what? The downpours have stopped - God's grace once again ever present in my life!
I'll be back after the run....
With dinner cooking away, I'll finish today's entry. As soon as we finished our run, it began to rain buckets again. In my book, "New World Greetings:Inspirational Poetry and Musings for a New World," I have a chapter entitled "A Little Rain Must Fall" -- and I have a whole new appreciation of the rain. Actually, since having been diagnosed with post polio syndrome, I have a new appreciation for all of life! But today, with the rain stopping long enough for us to get in our run is another sign of God's grace in my life. It was misty and some wind but for November 6th, the weather remains mild...God is blessing me with everything I need along life's journey! I am so grateful....Time to refuel...blessings to you all.

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