Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Makes Mary Run?

A friend of mine asked me what does running mean to me - it is freedom; it is love - I am making this journey with my loving husband and daughter Ruth Anne and feeling the love and support of my son who is so proud of my strength and courage; it is doing something not just for me but to help raise monies for Spaulding Rehab Hospital; it is an opportunity to inspire others and to allow God's Spirit and Love to Shine through me....
I am connecting to my body in new ways and feeling muscles and aches that I never experienced before. I am embracing these and telling myself that this is marvelous - my body is building and moving forward in ways that I never dreamed imaginable having been a polio survivor. The key is to know and to trust in the process and to LISTEN TO MY BODY! Okay now sometimes my body says let's pull the covers over our head and just stay in bed 'cuz baby it's cold outside...that's not what I mean of's about the pacing and knowing what my body needs in terms of nutrition, exercise other than training runs, sleep, hydration, and to also nourish my Spirit...taking time to meditate, pray, journal and invite God into every moment of my day is crucial...and to know that God has called me to do this amazing journey. I celebrate myself -
And I am celebrating the great outdoors -- when once I feared going out into the cold and rain because I was so sickly and frail, I now embrace the wind and see the season of fall here in New England with new eyes. What makes Mary run? The answer can best be summed up in one word - God!

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