Tuesday, December 23, 2008

105 Times Around the Track

As I was praying and creating the mildest winter ever in New England, the snow began to fly and temperatures were plummeting. I tried to remain calm as I thought, how will we ever train in this weather? Last Thursday, God led us to a patch of clear road to do our speed drills with our trainer and the forecast is for a big warm up but in the midst of the storm, I had to remember, All is Well and In Divine Order.
And so, on Saturday morning, after digging out from the storm, my husband and I went to the BU track for our 15 mile run. Our daughter was ill with a bad cold and could not join us. It was a phenomenal experience for us. We were both tired from the storm (but ever so grateful our electricity remained on and everyone was safe and sound), I had been out the night before at a neighbor's caroling party (and was so delighted when I was able to share my journey and exchange so much incredible energy with the carolers), and of course the air quality is not the best indoors. My husband was also coming down with that cold that is going around but we cranked up the iPod and focused on getting those miles into our legs. We are on a journey that is beyond us. I visualized Marathon Day; I visualized all the thousands of dollars of donations coming in; I visualized being on the Today Show the day after the Marathon with my husband and daughter wearing our medals and BAA jackets. After our first 7.5 miles, we began to pick up the pace and for the last lap, I did a speed sprint crying all the way. We ran a 14:80 mile for 15 miles! I cannot emphasize enough that it is not about the speed or the distance....it is about freedom, it is about giving back, it is about being who God wants us to be - healthy, whole, a shining example of faith, courage and determination and that it is possible to transcend any and all limitations when living a life connected with God.
Gratitudes for today:
I am so grateful for this beautiful warm home overflowing with love and harmony and to be able to provide love and support to my young adult children as they find their path.
I am so grateful to be listening to It's All About You hosted by Darien Marshall and Darius Jones-I could not listen live yesterday but am listening to the archive with John St Augustine of Oprah and Friends XM Satellite Radio - we are so much more than our physical selves
I am so grateful for health and healing and wholeness
I am so grateful for Twitter and the friends I am meeting there
I am so grateful that God provides everything I need to succeed
I am so grateful I can release fear and allow love to bathe my soul
I am so grateful for friends who have led me to miraculous connections
I am so grateful for indoor tracks
I am so grateful to Spaulding Rehab Hospital and our amazing Race for Rehab team
I am so grateful to our donors
I am so grateful for warmer weather and sunshine
I am so grateful for God's blessings which are bathing the world
I am so grateful I can release the untrue feelings about myself - that I am a nuisance, a 'leper' to be avoided, that I deserve to be punished and instead to focus on the Truth that I am a miraculous child of God so blessed and a blessing to others
I am so grateful I can live deep in the Spirit - to feel God deep within me and to live from that place of love and abundance
And I send out prayers of love and blessings to all during this holiday season and as we turn the corner to a New Year!
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