Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeing is Believing - But Not Seeing is Believing

With all of the 'bad' news in the world today, I am finding that so many people are letting fear, doubt, worry and the solar plexus clutch dominate. At times, I am one of those people. How will we ever raise $9,000 (well it's less now since we donations are coming in) in this economy? How will I run 26.2 miles? What if...... So I have decided on a conscious level to release all of those toxic emotions to God - yup - when they try to creep in and bring me down, I just say to God, "here - you take this...I am going to visualize and create what I want to happen and never let reality get in the way of my dreams." So while seeing is believing, not seeing and yet believing helps me to create the life I want. Right now I am focused on marathon training, book sales, holiday customized poems and our Friday night fund raiser at All Saints Parish Brookline, 1773 Beacon Street from 7-9 pm. I thank God for all of the orders I have already received and for the orders yet to come; I am so blessed to be following my bliss and to have discovered the gift of poetry within me. I see orders pouring in from paypal and I believe that God is blessing me in so many ways. And then I release it knowing that All Is Well and in Divine Order.
I did 9.2 miles on the bike today - cross training since it was raw outside today and last week was very intense training what with the Ten Mile Turkey Trot, hill training with my daughter, hill and tempo run with Janine and then my husband setting an incredible pace for our 14 mile run! But I did a vigorous cardio workout and dare I say it? I love to sweat! As a polio and post polio survivor I could never reach a level of fitness where I could sweat and breathe hard and feel my muscles singing as I coax them along. It's an amazing journey and I did more miles than last week in the same amount of time and had an increased heart rate - even when Janine is not with me, I hear her pushing me and challenging me. There is the Divine Flame burning within. And I believed a year ago February when I began to write poetry about being healthy and whole and yet loving myself just as I was. I had no idea the remarkable healing which would take place in my body but somewhere, deep within my soul, I believed. And at times, when I became fearful and doubted, I borrowed Janine's faith in the work she was doing and in the body's innate capacity to heal to continue on my journey. And now, we move forward to the starting line at Hopkinton.
Friday night is going to be a wonderful celebration of Team McManus and the miracle of healing. As we prepare to celebrate the miracles of Hanukkah and Christmas, let us all join together to create a vision for a new world - a world with peace, prosperity, joy and LOVE!

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