Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Sign!

It's 42 degrees in Boston on December 2nd - a miracle in and of itself - great running weather. This morning my daughter and I headed out to do our hill training - nothing too strenuous after Sunday's amazing race but need to keep on track for 4/20/09. It's a little chilly but after a five minute warm up, we're already feeling warmer and we had no hats or gloves using the 15 degree rule of dressing for running (you add 15 degrees to the temperature and dress for that). We're jogging along and rather than go to our usual hill, my daughter suggests we go to a hill we used during our early days of hill training. We turn the corner and take our first run up the hill; we come down and as we are about to take our second run up the hill, I looked down and there is a little wad of dollar bills in the street. Neither one of us saw them when we first arrived. I picked them up and put them in my runner's fanny pack. And we did eight uphills going faster each time. Ordinarily we would do a tempo run around the neighborhood and back home but in light of our recent run, we decided to just do a tempo run to home. When we arrived home, I took out the money - there were four dollar bills stuck together - a sign from God that we are a strong family and should stick together (there are four members of our family). I also took them and combined them with yesterday's change find and the change jar which held the pennies, nickels and dimes I had found at various times during training runs and combined it to put the amount into our offline donation on our donation website (which by the way is http://www.firstgiving.com/teammcmanus). God is blessing us with the knowledge that She is guiding and guarding us and providing us with EVERYTHING we need to succeed (including great training weather and funding).
I feel so incredibly sore but it is a magnificent feeling to be building muscle and transcending the physical to feel my Spirit soar!

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