Monday, December 1, 2008

An Amazing Sign!

As humans, we all share those moments of doubt and fear and questioning. I knew that God spoke through me when I told my trainer Janine that my goal was to run the Boston Marathon, the Race for Rehab to raise monies for Spaulding but there are times when I wonder - was that God's Voice I heard? Am I really supposed to be doing this? Is this my life's purpose at this moment in my life? After a run like The Tough Ten Mile Turkey Trot, I know that God moves me and that I transcend my physical body and run with the Spirit and I am ever so grateful for these amazing experiences. And every once in awhile, a little nagging voice asks how are we ever going to raise the $9,000; how am I ever going to run 26.2 miles and then God answers. Today, the answer came in a most wonderfully strange way. I had some errands to run at Cleveland Circle which interestingly enough is a turning point on the Marathon route. After running down Commonwealth Avenue, we turn onto Chestnut Hill Avenue and then once we get to Cleveland Circle, it is a straight shot to Kenmore Square with just a few small hills along the way. It's maybe only 4 miles to the finish at that point. So, here I am in Cleveland Circle and this morning, those little inner critics were chatting away but I dismissed them, telling myself that my passport is no longer valid to travel to the land of negativity. My daughter called and asked if I could pick her up. Her train took longer than usual. It was a glorious 60 degree day so I was happy to wait outside in the sunshine. I walked up and down Beacon St a little bit and one man asked me for spare change. I gave him a dollar. She called again asking if we could pick up a burrito because she was really hungry. So I went into our usual place, Boloco, and ordered our burritos. I came outside and the man who had asked for the dollar had gone. I looked down 'for some reason' and on the ledge of the Citibank there was all this change spread out. I picked it up knowing it was for me. It was hot from being in the sunshine.
When we returned home there were: 5 quarters $1.25; 14 pennies; 3 nickels and 2 dimes. What did this mean? My daughter figured out that if we add the 1 and 5 it equals 6 so it was 26.2; we are scheduled to run 14 miles this weekend and then 15 miles the following weekend (hence the 3 nickels) and soon we shall run 20 miles and God was saying -- see, you can do this and please do not be concerned about the money because I am sending you everything you need to do this. I called you to this path and trust in me -- just as you did yesterday believing that all who hunger and thirst shall come to me and be fed.
So as I prepare to turn in for the night, I release all concerns to God and I move forward with passion and joy as I send out a holiday fund raising letter and know that All is well and in Divine Order - thanks be to God. Blessings to you all and keep awake for God is sending us messages all the time to shower us with Her Love and to help us to remember who we are!

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