Thursday, December 11, 2008

Letting Go and Letting God Guide My Day

My plan for the day was to get up, go for a tempo run, go to the Church to make preparations for tomorrow night's holiday benefit concert, run some errands and be home by 4 to talk with a new client for New World Greeting Cards. I woke up to pouring rain and raw weather - okay so let's find a plan B - need to go to BU track but how will I have time to do that before going to the Church. Let's move that to after the church but then how will I be able to do the errands and make it home by 4? Okay - you get the instead of thinking about and organizing the day, I decided to Let Go and Let God Guide My Day. I went to the post office, picked up the programs for the concert and then something inside told me to check in with my twins to see if they needed a ride. My daughter had left her wallet at home and had to walk back from the train to get it - could she get a ride? And my son was running a little late and didn't want to rush, walking, especially in the rain so I took a 'detour' and got them to the train. I proceeded to run errands and arrived at the Church. The Guild Room which is where we are having our reception was not vacant until 1 ... rather than start ticking off a time table, I said that All is Well and In Divine Order and I would arrive at home in plenty of time to talk with my client at 4. I also had the foresight to grab some lunch at a local deli before my blood sugar plummeted and I would have to stuff something down before a training run - that would have been a disaster. The meeting in the Guild Room went on for what seemed like forever but I told myself that God has a hand in my day and we can co create my day together - the ladies in the Guild Room heard my story since I had the Spaulding Rehab tablecloth. Two of them purchased my book and several more plan to attend our Concert - God had it all planned and I just needed to be patient and trust.

I arrived home and I was starting to feel a little rushed but I told myself, let go and let God. And I arrived at the BU Track to find a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT! Since it was pouring rain, this was an incredible blessing. Off I went to do 3 miles at a fast pace - it was me and my iPod and despite having the sandwich at noontime, I felt tired. I was definitely not in the zone for a run since part of me was emotionally tied to the concert tomorrow tonight and part of me was anticipating a call from a new client but I heard my trainer's voice telling me to settle down and settle in and I did a 12:70 minute/mile which includes the 5 minute walking warm up so I don't know what my actual mile pace was once I got into the running. It was too difficult to track the time and the 7 laps around which = one mile at the BU track. I took my time after the run to do a walk off lap and then stretch and then change my clothes and I kept having this feeling that I didn't need to be concerned with being home right at 4. And guess what? My client never called at 4 ... I have a message on my phone which I'll check right after I am through with this post ---

So rather than allowing the outer events and timetable control my day, I allowed God in and together we co-created a magical day in which I was able to get everything done. And let me tell you, I feel so incredibly blessed by the love in the Fenway Quintet. When one of the members heard we were having a silent auction, he offered to have the band be a silent auction item. I told him that they were already donating enough. They also told me that they sent out invitations on Facebook so the concert is 'all over the internet'. And last night, I found Boston Tweet and they will be posting the concert. Today, there is an ad for the concert in our local paper and you know what? It's time to Let Go and Let God work Her magic and mystery and tomorrow night is going to be full of love and surprises and we're gonna make a lot of money for Spaulding Rehab.
Thank You God!

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