Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beauty Moments In The Back Bay - The Beauty of Spontaneity

Two years ago I read Ana Forrest's book, "Fierce Medicine." In her book she talks about the importance of sharing beauty moments especially in the midst of challenging times. After taking her Master Class, I was blessed to meet Ana, share with her how her book changed my life and in my book she wrote:
"Dear Mary, Breathe your exquisite spirit into every cell. Daily. Walk in Beauty, Ana T Forrest".

Tom and I hadn't been out to dinner in a long time. I called him at work yesterday and suggested a date night. Our go to place is Thaitation in the Fenway area. While driving in town to meet him, I realized there was a Red Sox game. We needed to come up with a plan B. I suggested we go somewhere in the Back Bay to support the restaurants that continue to recover from the Boston Marathon bombings when the area around Copley Square was shut down for a couple of weeks. As we were driving down Arlington Street, I said should I take a right here? Tom said sure why not. There in front of us on St. James Street just behind Copley Square was a handicapped parking space just waiting for us. Parking after 5 pm in the Back Bay is at a premium but there it was.

We had no plans - didn't know where we were going to eat and decided to just see where we ended up. A half a block later we first saw a sign for Skipjack's Restaurant.

We used to patronize the Skipjack's in Brookline Village and then in Newton but they closed. We wondered if they were open and as we approached Clarendon Street we saw their outdoor dining patio.

It was windy but we opted for outdoor seating nestled underneath Trinity Church, the Hancock Building and the Prudential building in the distance.

We were so excited and joyful that we shared our story with our waiter of how we just happened upon Skipjacks on Clarendon Street. He was a waiter in the Newton restaurant before it closed and the manager used to be the manager in Newton. Underneath a cloudless sky with the warm sunshine caressing us, Tom and I enjoyed our delicious meal. The manager came out and we instantly recognized each other. He told us that our waiter told him the story of how we just happened to find our way to the restaurant. We didn't speak directly of the events of Marathon Monday but there was a sense of relief and healing in what was unspoken and the joy of reconnection. As a by the way, the manager told us that they offer two hours of free parking in the garage on Clarendon Street after 5 pm.

As a trauma survivor, I could not allow myself to be spontaneous. Everything needed to be planned out and controlled but of course that was an illusion of control. As I have learned over and over again in my life, things happen over which I have absolutely no control. But in the midst of it all, on a beautiful June evening in Boston's Back Bay, I was blessed to experience beauty moments and the beauty of spontaneity. There is beauty to behold when you let the wind and Spirit guide you to the spot where you need to be.

The Gold Standard from Songs of Freedom:Poems From a Healing Odyssey Volume II:Seasons of the Soul now available on Amazon

How do you measure Beauty
the gold standard not found on the cover of magazines or billboards
beauty and grace emerge out of the crucible
the heart of a warrior tested
tempered in the fires of hell
radiant beauty reflecting confidence and strength
triumphant courage
passionate Spirit
Shine On!

From my heart to yours
With total love and deepest gratitude,


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Casey Nicole Bachus said...

I know what you mean about needing to have control or at least the illusion of it. I'm a control freak! It's amazing how freeing it is though, once I gave up control and let God take care of things.