Thursday, December 26, 2013

Celebrating 60!

"60 is about feeling excited to be alive at a time when you're free to really live.
60 is about knowing yourself, being yourself - and truly liking who we've become.
60 is about celebrating the beginning of the most beautiful years of your life."
~Hallmark card from my husband, Tom

Seven years ago, after receiving the diagnosis of post polio syndrome, I did not know what kind of shape I would be in for my 60th birthday or if I would have a 60th birthday to celebrate. The future looked grim to say the least.

It's been a phenomenal healing journey and I can say unequivocally that I feel healthier, more vibrant and enjoying life at 60 than I ever imagined would be possible.

Two years ago, I was experiencing another "relapse" of post polio syndrome. I now know that post polio syndrome was a result of the stress and strain of compensatory patterns in my body that were forged and formed from paralytic polio and trauma. As I aged, it became more and more of a challenge for my body to support the old patterns.

For my 60th birthday, I was planning to run 6.0 miles. Somehow we got lost in the calculations of the distance and I actually ran 6.94 miles according to NikePlus. Just like the candles on the cake - one for good luck!

Here are some photos Tom took before the run as I psyched myself up to run in the 19 degree weather:

Celebrating 60! Celebrating being back on the roads having run the longest distance I ran since the Tufts 10K 2010 knowing that the 60's are going to be absolutely sensational!

Learning to Dance from A Celebration of Life available on Amazon

It’s never too late
you’re never too old
to learn to dance
paralyzed from polio
paralyzed with fear
frozen in time

awkward and unsure
shame and confusion
I fell into the trap of ego
my leg snared in the jaws of agony and defeat

saved by grace
my rescuer nursed my wounds
tentative steps
stiff and clumsy
painstaking movement
fueled by thoughts of days gone by
the match is lit
no match for darkness
the music of my heart’s desire
moved me to try once again
step by step
the dance of my life
the way I was always meant to dance

yes wrinkles mark the passage of time
I burn brightly

until my dance is done.

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runwithken said...

Great post!

And an even greater story, behind the post.

Welcome to the 60's, Mary.

As you surmise...they will be terrific!