Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Calf Stretch, 3 Pound Ankle Weights & the Miracle of Healing

At our Christmas Eve morning Aquatics Therapy class, Karis, our intrepid instructor (intrepid since she is running Boston 2014 for Spaulding's Race for Rehab Team) suggested that perhaps in the New Year, I consider increasing my ankle weights from two to three pounds.

In yesterday's class, I took the plunge so to speak. I was ready. It was challenging and I felt the muscle burn. Karis worked with me to monitor muscle fatigue and watched to make sure that I was able to safely increase the weight while doing the workout.

I felt this sense of absolute exhilaration that I can feel so full and whole in my body and that I have this opportunity to build strength.

As a result of paralytic polio and the posture I grew as a result of 9 years of unrelenting trauma, I was unable to do a proper calf stretch on my left leg. I found a wonderful modification in the pool to experience the stretch in my calf.

But yesterday, a profound alignment shift happened. With ease, I was able to move into a calf stretch on my left leg. What a sense of freedom and joy! I celebrated with Karis. She asked me when my last bodywork session was. I told her it was on Monday. She smiled. I smiled.

The Artist from A Celebration of Life now available on Amazon

With eyes closed
inner sight ignited
his hands find their way
my body the clay
the uncarved block
we create
with breath and movement
new life for a life once shattered
returning to innocence

a new way of Being in this body of mine
sacred spaces reclaimed
kneading what is no longer needed
the artist molds the flesh flushing out all that is not love
out of the formless a beautiful form
magnificent masterpiece I always was
unveiled .

Awakening to my magnificence
what beauty
oh no not the beauty you’ll find on a magazine cover
naked beauty
tender hearted

I tremble
in awe
stunned by clarity
of the violence
yet love
the power of love
I tremble with joy
humbled by grace
I am here
as are you
forever changed.

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