Friday, January 10, 2014

Sing Strong, Run Long - Countdown to Boston

100 days until April 21, 2014 - a sure sign of healing that instead of marking the days since 4/15/2013, we are counting down the days to the 2014 Boston Marathon. We were hit hard by a Polar Vortex during the long, dark days of winter. How fitting that we experience warmer temperatures and more daylight as we prepare for Marathon Monday 2014.

Today I saw this post on Facebook:

Marathon Victim Runs On Her Own For The First Time Since April

The fire of Spirit can never be dampened by violence!

And as Leonard Bernstein said:

I am putting together two wonderful fun(d) raisers for my friends who are running for Spaulding.

On 4/4/14 - join us for Sing Strong: An Evening of A Cappella to Benefit Spaulding Rehab

I cannot take credit for the Sing Strong idea. Fermata Town, one of the a cappella groups that is hoping to perform at our concert, (pending confirmation that members are available on 4/4) had as their previous employment status, SingStrong. Seemed like a most fitting title for our concert.

Check them out on Youtube:

We are waiting confirmation from the BU Dear Abbeys:

and BU Terpsichore said they are on board-- Here they are rockin' out Sara Bareilles' Love on the Rocks

I've reached out to the MIT Logs and Tufts Jackson Jills who performed at our Music for Miracles concert back in 2011.

The 4/4/14 concert will support Greg Gordon's run for Spaulding.

And sometime in March watch out for Sing Strong: An Evening of Karaoke to benefit Karis Antokal's run for Spaulding Rehab.

Start warming up your pipes -- Here is one of my favorite Karaoke numbers to sing:

It's been almost 9 months since the day lives changed forever in the city of Boston. It is 100 days until the world gathers in Boston to reclaim our beloved Marathon Monday! Between now and then we've got to sing strong, run long and countdown to Boston 2014!

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