Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nine Months Have Passed ....

Nine months have passed since mine and so many lives changed forever.

When I woke up this morning, my stomach was in knots and I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness. I thought to myself - what is up with this?

I looked at the calendar --- my body was having its very own anniversary reaction.

Nine months ago time stood still at 2:50pm when the second bomb shook the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Today I allowed myself time to feel anxious and nervous. I allowed tears to flow. I allowed my heart to open to overwhelming gratitude that I was able to escape safely.

I allowed myself to remember the sounds and the smells of that afternoon and to feel all the horror in my heart and I allowed myself time to relish this gift of a warm day in the midst of winter.

As I walked into Spaulding Rehab Hospital for my afternoon Aquatics Therapy class with Karis, I allowed myself the space to grieve and remember, allowing the healing waters to bathe me mind, body and Spirit. I worked it all out in the pool with an intense cardio workout which incorporated strengthening upper and lower body. I gave thanks for this amazing place of healing where the bombing survivors came to find their strength.

Nine months have passed since Celeste Corcoran lost both her legs and just this week, she ran for the first time on her prosthetic legs:

Talk about BostonStrong!

Nine months have passed and 95 days to go until Boston and the world reunite for the running of the 118th Boston Marathon. I'll be back at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel bidding on Silent Auction items, eating wonderful food and cheering on the Race for Rehab team along with tracking so many of my friends who are running this year. Only unlike 9 months ago, we'll be welcoming the runners into the suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with open arms celebrating and knowing that while horrific events happen, nothing is more powerful than love and the fiber and strength of the human Spirit and the Spirit of Boston!

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