Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pure Joy - A Fabulous Start to February

After last week's rough track run , I wasn't sure if this running beyond a 5k was going to be good for me. That's the thing about living with a neuromuscular disease, you just don't know what is going to happen. I've learned to make peace and accept whatever is in every step of this 7 year healing odyssey. I recently read Tara Brach's post, "It's Not What's Happening, It's How You Respond." My mantra is that I play the ball where it lands.

It was supposed to rain today. Imagine my delight when the sun was shining and it was 43 degrees outside. I planned out what I thought was going to be my 5 mile route. As it turned out I ran for a total of 6.44 miles at a 15 minute pace because I did not look closely at the route that google directions mapped out for my run. They had me going a route that was obviously shorter than what my Nike tracked.

The energy was electric on Beacon Street which is part of the Boston Marathon route. There were smiles and fierce determination on the runners' faces. You couldn't tell who was training for Boston and who was out to get their miles in just didn't matter because as my friend Elizabeth Comeau says, "#weruntogether".

I was feeling a little tired realizing that I had gone for longer than anticipated, but smiling and basking in the beautiful sunshine when I see a runner in the street who called out, "Mary!". He came running over to me and it was none other than David Brown former meteorologist on Channel 5 and now director of development at the Forsyth Institute. We hugged and as he posted on Facebook, "It was pure joy."

We've been friends for over 2 years on Facebook and we finally got to meet each other. I also met his teammate for #miles4smiles, Katie Eastmann.

What a boost of energy seeing Katie and David and sharing hugs gave me. I was smiling the whole way home.

I could sense the healing energy happening in the streets of Boston today. The cloud from 4/15/13 seemed all but gone as now runners are digging deep and getting ready for 4/21/14. The sunshine and the warmer temperatures seemed to fuel everybody's run and sense of optimism that yes we are moving forward! I passed water stops set up for different charity runners and felt the excitement that tomorrow, we will be hosting a water stop for L Street Running Club. Last night we did a Target run and got the necessary provisions.

I saw on Facebook that my friend Karis Antokal got in her 12 miles with 3 hills at a 12 minute/mile pace. Karis has never been a runner; she hated running as a matter of fact yet she is taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

On 2/20/14, from 8-10pm we are going to be singing strong for Boston Strong as we raise our voices and a whole lot of money for Spaulding Rehab. All the details can be found on my webpage, "Singing Boston Strong."

Read Karis' story on her fundraising page and be inspired and moved to make a donation. We would love to see you at Limelight but if you can't come or aren't in the Boston area, with a minimum donation of $35, you'll be entered to win the autographed Tom Brady Jersey. For those of you who can join us, minimum suggested donation is $20 and you'll be entered to win the autographed Tom Brady cool is that? We have cash bar and apps.

Oh yeah - and about whether or not I should or could run beyond a 5K -- at least for today - I felt absolute pure joy in running 6.44 miles at a 15 minute/mile pace feeling one with the Boston running community. What a fabulous start to February!

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