Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why Yesterday's Blog Post Wasn't Written Until Today - 10 Months Later

I had started to write a blog post yesterday. I was writing about how we are almost at ten months later since the Boston Marathon Bombings and about two months to go until the start of Boston 2014.

When the sun came out, and there was a forecast for another winter storm today, I decided to head out and flyer the town for Singing Boston Strong:Karis Karaoke for a Kause.

When I got home, the evening seemed to fly by and I never got around to finishing that blog post...with good reason...

There was no way that I could capture the sentiment of the ten month anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings as did my friend Christa of Christa in New York:Curating A Creative Life Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Tech.

Please read her beautiful blog post:

Inspired: Don't Just Remember the Boston Marathon. Honor Boston and Its Residents.

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along with her fabulous four footed companion Phineas @phineasnyc

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Christa said...

Awww...thanks so much, Mary. glad to lend my support to Boston and to you any time!