Sunday, March 30, 2014

Singing Boston Strong: Spotlight on In Achord

When I reached out to Boston University's In Achord to invite them to lend their voices to Singing Boston Strong: An Evening of A Cappella to Benefit Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, they said that they remembered our 2011 a cappella concert Music for Miracles and would be delighted to donate their time and talent to the event.

From their website:

Who is In Achord?
Original Co-Ed A Cappella at Boston University Since 1990

Founded in 1990, In Achord is Boston University’s oldest co-ed a cappella group. The group is an annual host and competitor in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. In recent years, In Achord has received distinct awards for its arrangements, soloists, vocal percussion and choreography. The group is also hosts the Beanpot of A Cappella, an annual fundraiser that brings together college a cappella groups from all over Boston to raise money for for the Franciscan Hospital for Children.

In Achord was proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Spring 2011. When not singing, In Achord enjoys singing recreationally, listening to songs and talking about how we could be singing them and watching YouTube videos of people singing OH and harmonizing (we just can’t get enough). In Achord’s other interests include Thanksgiving dinner, Space Jam, cats, writing inappropriate website bios for new freshmen, and last but not least, bacon.

And on 3/2, they posted:

In case you have not already heard, In Achord won third place in what was referred to as the most competitive International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) Quarterfinal in the entire country at the Berklee College of Music on February 16, 2014.

Talented groups from all over the Northeast were scheduled to compete in the ICCA Quarterfinal at Berklee on Saturday, February 15, but due to extreme weather conditions the event was rescheduled for the following evening. Although the date change originally had us worried that family, friends, and fans who had been planning to attend the show on Saturday would not be able to make it on Sunday, everything worked out and we had a full crowd cheering us on.

In Achord’s impressive three-song set consisted of Downfall by Matchbox 20, Choices by Bernhoft, and Gypsy by Lady Gaga. We blew the audience and judges away with our outstanding soloists, complex arrangements, and fun choreography.

And on 4/6th you can find them singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park!

Here they are performing What Dreams Are Made Of:

Patients at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital have their dreams of finding their strength again and with your support, these dreams can come true!

Donate to Greg's fund raising page and in the comments section write how many tickets you would like set aside. We will have them ready for you at the will call table. Minimum suggested donation/ticket is $10.

See you on Friday!

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