Friday, March 28, 2014

Singing Boston Strong: Spotlight on Terpsichore

One week from tonight we will be raising our voices and a lot of money as 5 premier Boston area a cappella groups Sing Boston Strong to Benefit Spaulding Rehab Hospital.

Between now and next Friday, I will feature each of the 5 groups who have generously agreed to donate their time and talent to our event.

First up is Boston University's Premimer All Female A Cappella group and our host for the evening Terpsichore

Just this week they dropped their album, "25" on iTunes.

From their home page:
Terpsichore (terp-sik-oh-ree) is Boston University's premier all-female a cappella group, established in 1989. Affectionately known as "Terps," these girls are the finest group of windpipes you'll ever meet. From Maroon 5 to Kimbra, Terpsichore's repertoire is full of favorites. Visit their facebook page for up-to-date information on where to catch them performing!

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @BUterpsichore

Friday April 25th, 7:30pm 725 Commonwealth Ave

Terpsichore provided front of the house support when we had our Music for Miracles concert at Boston University in 2011. They said that if ever I did another a cappella benefit concert, they would like to perform.

When I contacted them last Fall to propose Greg's Boston Marathon Fundraiser, they were totally on board and offered to host the event. There is a lot more that goes into hosting besides just showing up on the night of the event and welcoming everyone. There is paperwork and coordination and wading through the wonderful BU bureaucracy. Terps brought it in every way for Spaulding Rehab.

We are so blessed that they are lending their voices to Singing Boston Strong next Friday.

Here they are performing Landslide:

Donate to Greg's fund raising page and in the comments section write how many tickets you would like set aside. We will have them ready for you at the will call table. Minimum suggested donation/ticket is $10.

See you on Friday!

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