Monday, January 5, 2009


The fear of ice and snow and slush embedded in my soul
A training run in winter – the path to Being whole.
A winter scene – Jamaica Pond – a feast for eyes' delight
To witness nature's splendor and behold this glorious sight.

A leaf – a tiny dancer – skating free without a sound
God's breath directs her movements, as She guides her twirling 'round.

Families of ducks decide to walk or take a dip
A comedy of errors into icy water slip.

The branches now bejeweled with ice bend with loving Grace
Sparkling diamonds' anchor water's surface hold in place.

God's hand a glove of glistening snow hugs rocks along the wall
Their heads peek out reminding me I'm answering God's call.

A scene I'd never witness if I let my fear take hold
Courage triumphed, steppin' out with footsteps sure and bold.

Knowing that the pain subsides and Spirit can prevail
The Marathon is beckoning - through those miles I shall sail.

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